The Sterling Achievements of Israeli Diplomat Daniel Taub

Published media reports underscored the fact that trade between Israel and the United Kingdom flourished during the four-year term of former Ambassador of Israel to the UK Daniel Taub. The Embassy of Israel cited the significant improvement of business, academic, and cultural relations between the two nations during this period.

Golden Era of Trade between the Two Countries

During the recent British-Israeli Business Awards, the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills (Sajid Javid) pointed out that annual bilateral trade reached almost $7 billion as more than 300 Israeli enterprises established operations in the United Kingdom. Mr. Taub was born in the UK. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He became the ambassador of Israel in 2011. At some point, Daniel Taub served as peace negotiator where he worked with his Palestinian equivalent in Northern Ireland.

In 2012 after the largest student union in Britain chose to boycott Israel, Daniel Taub said in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle that he became more concerned regarding the situation in certain universities. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub even cautioned administrators that all positions including views that expressed support for Israel need free expression without any fear of pressure. The Israeli ambassador boldly visited the City of Bradford even as Bradford’s representative to the British Parliament, George Galloway stated that the urban center as an Israel-Free Zone.

Professional Background and Education

Daniel Taub was born in 19632 in Great Britain. He studied at the University College (Oxford), University College (London), and Harvard University (Kennedy School of Government). He relocated to Israel in 1989 and rendered service as a combat medic in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Among Mr. Taub’s expertise include international law, laws of war, and counter-terrorism. At one time, Daniel Taub served as The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Principal Deputy Legal Advisor. He also acted as a legal mentor to various missions of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland) and New York USA.

Daniel Taub became an employee of the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991 and held different diplomatic and legal positions. He served as Ambassador to the UK from 2011 until 2015. At present, Mr. Taub heads the Yad Hanadiv Foundation as Director for Strategy and Planning.

The former ambassador earned his laurels as public speaker and lecturer. Many international media outlets like CNN, BBC, Sky News, and even the BBC Persian Service interviewed Daniel Taub, the first Israeli Ambassador to guest in this network on a variety of topics.

Fighting for the Rights of the People

End Citizens United is supporting Conor Lamb. The movement will be donating some funds to support their candidate. The movement had donated $600,000 to Dough Jones when he was vying for the Senate seat. Conor Lamb is vying for Congress as a Democrat to represent the district. The major challenge is that Pennsylvania has more Republicans considering President Trump won by 20 points. Conor is planning to get an unexpected victory despite Republican Party being popular there. End Citizen United was motivated by a practice that emerged during America’s election. In 2010, wealthy people were at liberty to donate and spend their money in campaigning and the elections. This was a liberty that was given by the Supreme Court. The only problem with this provision was that this money was never going to be traceable or accounted.

This loophole caused a lot of trouble because wealthy people began compromising integrity. Through their money, they believed they could influence power to work in their favor. For this reason End of Citizen United had to rise and fight this impunity. Money should not motivate people to exploit and abuse power. The movement is supported by some grassroots donors who came together for a common interest. The goal of this movement is to resume the former methods of financing campaigns and elections.

Make no mistake; such a group is capable of influencing and causing changes. It may be undermined because it looks like a group of ordinary people. People at the grass root level are the real voters. They have the power to make changes and creating reforms. These ordinary citizens have the power to compel lawmakers to make the necessary changes.

According to End Citizen United, it is completely unjust when a few people wealthy people determine the elections. One indicator of true democracy is free and fair elections. When a few people feeling entitled because of their money decide for the nation, it is not free and fair. Millions of average citizen have the capability of defeating a few wealthy people.

This movement was founded by James Bopp. He never pictured himself running a political action committee. He thought he was just going to work in the medical field. He soon switched to law and politics. His law career is about representing conservatism. Apart from End Citizens United, Bopp has also been with Indiana Right to Life and National Right to Life.

End Citizens United is about fairness to all people. The issue of few individuals having dominion over the majority is a long gone practice. People must not just watch when their rights and freedoms are slowly taken away. They must strive and fight for equality because it is their entitlement. James Bopp is a strong believer in this fact, and he is enthusiastic to support it.

Sussex Healthcare: A Home Away From Home

Our health is our primary concern in our lives. We also want our families to stay happy and healthy. However, sometimes time or circumstances deprives us this desire. As we grow old, our memory capacity may be affected, and we may not act or reason as we used to be. At times, accidents cripple us and we may not be able to function as we used to before.

When our relatives are caught on the edge of such issues, it is crucial to choose the best healthcare centers for them. No one loves a hospital setup, the environment itself sickens you more. Also, you do not want to make your relative feel abandoned.

Sussex Healthcare has constantly been chosen as a home for individuals with such issues. The home is like a home away from home. Their building is designed and decorated with delightful colors that give a soothing effect to the patients. Sussex Healthcare also understands the need for a patient having a balanced diet. From time to time, they prepare food from local products and avoid manufactured foods.

The staff of Sussex Healthcare is highly trained. They have the required knowledge in their areas of specialty. They also understand the mission of the healthcare which is to provide physical, emotional and spiritual well- being of the patients.

The staff understands that incidences of accidents may take away much of what we were before, including our capabilities. They, therefore, have therapy sessions that help the patients with their healing process. They go over the patient’s history of injuries and surgeries to get closure.

Sussex healthcare staff then help the patients in setting achievable; personal, nutrition, and weight goals. The doctor then helps the patient with coming up with a strategic plan to accomplish their objectives. The patients also benefit from the socialization of the groups, giving them a lively life.

Recently, the healthcare launched a new gym at Horsham in West Sussex. The gym is open to the patients and the seniors at home as well. It finds pride in their state-of-the-art facilities that help in enhancing the patient’s movement. The gym has a well-trained staff to monitor and guide the patients during their work-out sessions.

Final Verdict
Reasons as to why the Sussex Healthcare should be your only choice for your relative are limitless. It is a home away from home. In Sussex Healthcare, your relative is in safe, professional hands, where they are handled with love and compassion.

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Customers Power The Rise Of Fabletics

The Fabletics brand is more than just one of the fastest rising Online retail brands in the world as it is also changing the entire face of retailing at a time when Main Street is expected to be shrinking. Fabletics has harnessed the power of customer reviews and the image of its main brand ambassador and founding partner, Kate Hudson to become the main rival to the continued dominance of Amazon as the world’s leading Online retailer; in other areas, Fabletics has continued to push the boundaries of retail with a move towards providing the best options for the use of big data and making the opening of physical locations some of its main aims.


The journey to joining the Fabletics brand begins with the completion of a lifestyle quiz which has become a fun and enjoyable aspect of joining the Fabletics membership group. After completing the lifestyle quiz a new member of Fabletics will be given a range of options of different clothing items to purchase in a fast and easy way.


The customer service and last mile options are among the most important parts of the Fabletics brand which has been improved upon under the influence of Kate Hudson as she looks for new ways of exploring the business she joined upon establishment in 2013. The actress who shot to fame in “Almost Famous” admits she had little business experience when she joined Fabletics but has embarked upon a steep learning curve which has allowed her to become an integral part of the business in terms of quality control, design, and marketing.


The personal journey of Kate Hudson reflects that of the Fabletics brand in many ways because of the issue of overcoming the giant of Online retailing, Amazon. Like many new entrants to Online retailing, Fabletics is looking to take advantage of big data and the power of customer reviews; more than 80 percent of Online shoppers admit they trust customer reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member. The inclusion of customer reviews for individual products and the brand as a whole is not limiting the company to attracting new members but also allows the brand to build higher ranking on global and local Google searches all important to growing a new brand.

Jorge Moll and Full Dedication

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist who works for the National Institutes of Health. He works alongside a fellow neuroscientist who is know as Jordan Grafman. They were looking carefully at volunteers’ brains. These volunteers were told to deeply consider a situation that revolved around a moral dilemma. The situation requested that these individuals contemplate giving money to a charitable group or holding onto it. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

The outcome of this assessment was interesting and highly informative. It indicated that doing good things for other people triggered a section of the brain that typically responds to sexuality and food. The experiment suggests that doing good for other people is actually something that the brain views as standard and straightforward, intriguingly enough. People actually enjoy the concept of assisting other people who are in need.

Jorge Moll is a widely known medical expert who attended the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro located in Brazil. His finished his education with the school back in 1994. He went to the school for his neurology medical residency as well. That residency ended four years later in 1998. He made the choice to advance his training by getting a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) at Sao Paulo University. Moll earned a Experimental Pathophysiology degree in 2004. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

Jorge Moll has an action-packed career right now. He has employment through IDOR, which is short for ” D’Or Institute of Research and Education.” He’s the institute’s President. He’s also a board member and senior researcher for it. IDOR is an organization that’s extremely close to Moll’s heart. His aim in setting up IDOR was to encourage Brazilian medical care improvements, education and research.

Moll attends a lot of meetings throughout the course of an average day. Communication with others is a critical aspect of his job. He deals with lots of colleagues every day. He speaks with them about a vast range of diverse subjects as well. He has in-depth discussions with researchers, students, team members, entrepreneurs, scientists and business representatives. These professionals come from many companies and organizations, too. Moll has a penchant for working directly alongside talented and capable people.

Learn more:,222c41e0b2edf079d2bdd47da28602f1mw2nokus.html

Oncotarget: Becoming a Voice for Oncologists

Oncologists are having a problem in the past – the lack of communication between each other made it impossible to compile all reports about cancer. Thankfully, two concerned oncologists from Roswell Park Cancer Institute had a brilliant idea – they wanted to create a platform where oncologists can meet virtually. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov soon decided that what the oncologists need is an online space where they can speak with each other, and send necessary files to be published later on. They coined the term Oncotarget for the online medical journal that they created, and they made it live in 2010. The online medical journal was widely praised by the people from the scientific community, stating that the idea was brilliant and that it can save a lot of people in the future. Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov stated that what the oncologists around the world need are sharing the information that they have on hand to expand the knowledge of their colleagues about cancer. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

The online medical journal has been operating for more than seven years now. The first articles which were published in 2010 were made by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov themselves, who served as the editors in chief of Oncotarget. They managed to get additional write-ups from other scientists who are working with Oncotarget as contributors. There is a lot of information that can be gained from reading a single journal coming from Oncotarget, and the people around the world are giving the online medical journal a positive review and a good reputation for allowing the public to see scholarly articles written by some of the best scientists around the world. Download output styles at

Recently, Oncotarget even sent some of their contributors and affiliated scientists to a global conference in Singapore. All of the beneficiaries of the travel incentive are biomedical researchers from different nations. They are planning to attend the Frontiers of Cancer Science 2017 and learn more information about the disease and the latest methods on how to treat the patients who have cancer. The information will also be reviewed later on by the representatives chose by Oncotarget, so that it can be published on their website.


Highland Capital Management Launches Funds in New Asian Markets

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas based investment management firm that specializes in healthcare investments. The firm has grown and produced healthy returns for its investors based on current items in their portfolio, with even more promising investment returns in the future. Current investments have shown that there is even more trust and confidence in the firm than ever before, with international investors committing even more funds to the group in order to realize their main objective. One of their more recent acquisitions places Highland Capital in a new market region and able to expand their portfolio even more now that they’ve launched a new fund. Visit to know more.

Investing in Asian markets is an important step for any international investing firm, or any national firm that wants to have a more global portfolio. Highland Capital was just able to launch a fund with backing from a South Korean investor, where the fund will be co-managed in order to best represent the region. The targets of the fund will be healthcare ventures in both Asia and North America, providing a well rounded use of the funds that will benefit both markets and investors.


The healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing industries for investments, with new research and facilities being introduced all the time. Firms that are capable of managing a diverse portfolio that understands both the business side of healthcare as well as the tech and science involved in successful investments are going to realize huge success. Highland Capital Management has done an incredible job in distinguishing itself as a leader among healthcare investment firms with staying power. Visit to know more.

Aloha Construction Professionals Help With Your Home

An Aloha Construction professional offers a licensed and bonded specialist with over 25+ years experience in the roofing and siding industry. They’re proudly based in Wisconsin and have additional offices in Illinois. As a family owned group, they offer great in-house financing options for gainfully employed, low-income homeowner’s. Get superior maintenance and home remodeling options from the leaders in North America home remodeling. They’re also there to back you on your insurance claims with a licensed and trained professional. Improve the quality of your home with the top professionals in the industry with the Aloha construction roofing and siding network.

How The Weather Can Affect Your Home

The weather can be cruel on your home and your wallet with the price it takes to maintenance your home after a storm. They’re popular construction network allows their customer to get repair work on their home and pay over time with convenient bi-weekly or monthly payments. Their customers understand they reign in a storm and are there to back them 100%. They have over 28,000+ local area completed projects and a proud B+ rating from J.D. Power & Associates. Get the relief you need for your home at a price you can pay.

Aloha Construction Services


You can take care of your with professional services after a snow storm and prevent the awful threat of leaks and structural damage. There is a lot of ways to stop pests and rodents from finding an entry way into your home by checking for damage on your roof. However, having problems with your roof can be a tedious task and is no do-it-yourself job and requires a professional at Aloha Construction.


Your siding is important to the temperament of your home. If you have damaged siding, it can affect the appearance of your home. The professionals at Aloha Construction will offer you great eco-friendly materials which include cedar lake and asphalt for their customers. They would also like to invite their guests to a free consultation which will allow them a professional free assessment of their home.

George Soros is the new Founder of Democracy

When you go to bed at night, you check the closet for monsters and bogeyman and mummies. When the Republicans go to bed at night, they check their closet for George Soros. Alright, they don’t literally check their closet for George Soros, but they do keep their ears open for his movements on the political front because he is an ardent enemy of the GOP.

George Soros has single-handedly caused a wave of terror to go through the Republican Party due to his favorable attitude to Democrats. Of course, anyone who knows George Soros would know that he has more than a favorable attitude to the Democrats. In fact, he is passionate about their cause and what they stand for. George Soros is so dedicated to the Democratic cause that he opened his own nonprofit organization known as the Open Society Foundations in order to spread both values not only in America but also around the globe.

The Open Society Foundations exists to promote democracy around the globe and keep those democracies accountable to the people. Unfortunately, we are seeing a quick shift to consolidating power in the presidency. George Soros wants to make sure that never happens again around the globe because he believes “with absolute power comes absolute corruption.”

Over the past few decades, Open Society Foundations has given hundreds of billions of dollars to fledgling democracies in several countries. However, George Soros has also used this nonprofit to create change right here in his home country of the United States of America.

One of the first things that we can see is that George Soros used the Open Society Foundations to stop any policy change that President Donald Trump has been enacting. One good example of this is that the day after President Donald Trump was inaugurated George Soros organized a women’s march for female rights. This march was characterized by all the participants wearing pink hats. Many commentators were wondering how this was able to span the globe. The reason for this is because George Soros used the Open Society Foundations’ connections around the world to facilitate such a protest.

George Soros has also used the Open Society Foundations to donate money to political campaigns to affect change in America. In 2004, George Soros passionately backed John Kerry and his run for office. George Soros had seen how George W. Bush had led us into two different wars in the middle east and Soros was terrified what would happen if the United States of America continued to be run by the conservative right. He donated to John Kerry $27 million.

In the year 2016, George Soros doubled down on his effort to help the Democrats when President Donald Trump was nominated by the Republican Party. Soros gave Hillary Clinton over $25 million to boost her campaign. Soros also saw that many states were voting Republican and decided that he would boost fledgling Democratic Senators in purple states by donating to their campaigns $2 million.

Organo Gold and the Amazing Effects of Ganoderma Lucidum

Organo Gold offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for customers, and distributors, alike. Focusing their product line on the centuries old wellness promoting Adaptogen, Ganoderma Lucidum, Organo Gold offer a unique selection of beverages, drink mix, and personal care lines to allow for full utilization of the powerful herbal remedy. As an Adaptogen, Ganoderma Lucidum imbues the user with the ability to work through varying pressures both mentally and physically, and with overall better health and energy levels. Better known as Red Reishi Mushrooms, Ganoderma Lucidum have been used for thousands of years in Asian medicine, and are finally making their way to the western world. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Organo Gold offers the benefits of Ganoderma in over 20 of their assorted beverages, and throughout their product lines as a whole. Teas, coffees, drink mixes, soaps, and even toothpastes, amongst a variety of other available options from Organo Gold, can help you make the incredible health advantages provided by Ganoderma Lucidum a part of your every day routine. Ganoderma has been endowed with a multitude of attributes, including detoxing the body, hormone balance, and increasing functions to the liver. Other studies have also linked the mushroom with combating cancer, and diminishing the growth of tumors. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

With a unique position on distributors, Organo Gold promotes loyalty and family like relationships all throughout the company, and promotes working together to reach higher benefits within the company. Releasing new products all the time, infused with Ganoderma Lucidum, Organo Gold provides Distributors the opportunity to earn with the company, while ensuring costumers have the easiest access to the wellness enhancing herb. With varying pay scales customizable to whatever works best per distributor, Organo Gold offer a unique and hearty reward system, while promoting quality products, and profound company morals.

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