Larkin and Lacey in human rights advocacy

Civil rights ensure that all persons enjoy their fundamental rights inclusively but not limited to freedom of expression and association. Human rights dedicate their effort to protecting all human rights and ending all forms of human rights abuse around the globe. Migrant rights on the other hand help to protect immigrants and immigrant workers. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

In a nutshell, civil, human and immigrant groups were formed to help fight and advocate for the justice and equality of all people especially the minorities and those deemed to be too weak to fight for their rights and freedoms.

There are myriad of such groups including but not limited to; The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and the Migrants Rights International.

These organizations mostly concentrate their efforts in fighting all forms of discrimination against all races of humanity and assert concerted efforts in restoring and maintaining human dignity. These 0rganisations believe in the equality of people whether indigenous or immigrants for they view the world as one social village. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights works as an advocacy group that focuses on achieving human, civil and labor rights for immigrants. Its formation was funded by the Ford Foundation to educate the immigrants about the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

This act declared it’s illegal to hire undocumented workers and was deemed as the base for exploiting and abusing workers. CHIRLA works as an agent towards the realization of the right for free people mobility. Its effective strategy is by changing public opinion and building power while changing policy for full civil, immigrant and human rights.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is another leading organization that advocates for civil, human and immigrant rights. It was founded by two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin following their arrest by the Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio while in their quest of defending the rights of the minorities and immigrants. They were jailed after proving that the grand jury proceedings sought articles covering the sheriff.

They sued the county and were awarded a settlement of 3.75 million dollars which they dedicated to migrant rights organizations throughout Arizona. The group is concerned with the implementation of all the guarantees of the constitution and achieving equal justice for all regardless of the immigration status.

Their strategy is challenging the legality of any law that tends to deny immigrants the right to the judicial process.

The Migrants Rights International is another group that advocates for the civil, human and immigrant rights. It is a non –governmental organization in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Its foundation emanated from appreciating the emergence of globalization, migration and human rights as central social, economic and political challenge since the turn of the century.

It works to suppress the appalling rise in violence against migrants and increasingly restrictive government measures that undermine the fundamental human rights of millions of migrants. The organization has been able to bring together dozens of local, national, regional and international groups from all over the continents to fight for the migrants.

Who or What Is Amicus Therapeutics, Anyways?

Medicine is more advanced in today’s modern era than ever before. In the past 115 years, the average life expectancy was between 30 and 40 years of age. Just recently as 2014, the average Japanese woman’s living expectancy was well over 80 years of age, with the world average settling over 70 long, fulfilling years on planet earth. Without the many technologies, healthcare professionals use, people would die from minor illnesses far more frequently than with them, not to mention live shorter, less happy lives (ReleaseFact).


Amicus Therapeutics is a researcher and developer of medicines designed to treat ailments that few, if any, medical research organizations have attempted to remedy. Rather than pushing out prescription drugs with plenty of manufacturers, Amicus Therapeutics cares about developing therapies for uncommon, “orphan” diseases ( The biopharmaceutical company’s particular interests are in lysosomal storage disorders, making up roughly 50 ultra-rare diseases, rooting themselves in inabilities to properly metabolize food, water, and nutrients, directly as the result of faulty lysosomal functions.


Another two of the most popular illnesses Amicus Therapeutics is working on treating, are Epidermolysis Bullosa and Pompe disease. The latter ailment, Pompe disease, recently underwent the first phase of a clinical trail in which drugs ATB200 and AT2221, when taken together, were safe for use in those suffering from the painful condition. That safety study is slated to undergo the second and final phase later this year.


Amicus Therapeutics has done great things in striving to treat people suffering form Epidermolysis Bullosa. Usually shortened to EB, the condition is highly painful and entirely inconvenient for its suffers, causing innumerable blisters on one’s dry, exterior dermal layers, as well as in mucosal membranes, including the throat, esophagus, and nasal cavity. Fortunately for the improvement of society at large, Amicus Therapeutics is currently conducting an open label extension study in testing the potential wonder drug SD-101, a cream applied to painful skin lesions. The organization is also undergoing the third phase of studying efficacy and safety of SD-101 cream, the same drug being tested in the aforementioned clinical trial.


The agency is currently headed by John F. Crowley.


Manage Osteoarthritis Pain with Osteo Relief Institute

In Mooresville Tribune’s article “Understanding and managing osteoarthritis”, Matthew CiRullo discusses the prevalent disease of arthritis.


The common misunderstanding is that arthritis is a single disease. However, there are over 100 different types of arthritis that affect over 50 million adults in the U.S.


Osteoarthritis is one of the more frequent types of arthritis. It is a degenerative disease which affects the cartilage of the joints. As CiRullow claims, the disease wears away the cartilage, eventually causing the bones to rub against each other which leads to inflammation and stiffness. He states, “over time, joints lose strength and pain may become chronic.”


Though there is no cure for osteoarthritis, there are a variety of treatment plans to manage pain and maintain the active quality of life.


There are three main ways to self-manage pain caused by osteoarthritis, namely your daily routine, exercise and medical treatment.


To keep the joint flexible and limber, one should do light exercise and stretch before bed. People should also move frequently when working or recreating to reduce inflammation.


Physical activity is also crucial to keep the joint mobile and reduce pain. Those with osteoarthritis should focus on maintaining and building the muscles around the joints to reduce the stress placed on the joints.


There are also several medical treatments available to relieve pain, such as NSAIDs, acetaminophen or topical analgesics. Physical therapy is also a great way to manage the joint pain. Establishments like the Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey also provide non-surgical treatment options.


The Osteo Relief Institute in New Jersey seeks to provide patients with advanced osteoarthritis knee treatments (EdgewaterRelief). They provide the most up to date technology in order, creating some of the most precise and individualized treatment for patients with osteoarthritis in their knees.


By providing this treatment, the Osteo Relief Institute helps patients return to a healthy and active lifestyle. Pain relief for the knee is created with a variety of procedures, allowing patients to live with less discomfort.


The highest priority for the Osteo Relief Institute is to help patients avoid invasive surgery while still providing effective treatment. They use FDA approved technologies to increase the odd of reducing or eliminating osteoarthritis discomfort.


The Osteo Relief Institute is dedicated to creating personalized treatment plans for each individual. By reviewing all the options, one may be able to avoid the more invasive procedures.

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Dr. Imran Haque Cares About Every Patient

Dr. Imran Haque is the man behind Horizon Internal Medicine. He is a well known doctor in the area of North Carolina. But why is he so popular?

First of all, his offices are located in the best locations. There is no question about it. There are a bunch of locations all over North Carolina. Next, Dr. Imran Haque has the best education. He studied at Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program.

He is also known to develop a relationship with his patients so that he can provide with personalized care. He knows that in order to be able to give a personalized treatment for each individual instead of a blanket one size fits all treatment, he needs to know the patient, and know them well. That is why, from the very first time that you visit Dr. Imran Haque, he will develop a friendly relationship with you and chat about your goals, your lifestyle, things that bother you, and stuff like that. That is another reason why people love him so much. He really cares about each person who comes to him and he wants them to experience only the best and get better as soon as possible.

Another reason Dr. Imran Haque is so popular is because he is known to collaborate with other doctors and professionals in order to provide only the best in healthcare. He does not try to do everything alone. Instead, he relies on the judgement of other people. This way, you know you are getting expert care that is truly what you need.

Horizon Internal Medicine offers treatment for all sorts of internal medical needs. One example of this would be diabetes. There are millions of people in the United States who suffer from Diabetes, and Dr. Imran Haque cares about this problem.

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The Invaluable Knowledge and Skills of Glen Wakeman

In his career, Mr. Wakeman has become a renowned personality for his entrepreneurial and mentoring spirit. Glen has also brought revolutionary changes to the business world. Some of his roles include guiding start-up firms, developing M & As, and creating new methods of business performance. Glen Wakeman attained a bachelor’s degree in Economics and masters in Finance.



Glen Wakeman has attained a lot of achievements while still young. For instance, he held various executive positions in Doral Financial Corp., GE Capital, and also founded Nova Four. Glen Wakeman played major roles such as business development, serving as a CEO, President, and in the Board of Trustees in the above-mentioned companies.


Glen Wakeman is highly respected and popular for his five step performance methodology that focuses on leadership power, human capital, management of risks, and executing tasks in business ventures. Since Wakeman is an accomplished writer and investor, he has inspired young entrepreneurs in the development of administrative strategies as well as fiscal economics.



Glen Wakeman has an extensive experience with management of corporations and understanding emerging markets. His experience has enabled him to become a keen strategist who offers helpful counsel to successful groups such as Dreamfunded and SitterBees. There is countable corporate management personnel who have gained a great reputation like that of Glen for developing accurate methods applicable in different industries.


Glen Wakeman is actively involved in the transformation of businesses thus making him have invaluable leadership skills and knowledge in global business affairs. Glen also provides strategic counsel for angel investing, raising funds, and global financing platforms ( Additionally, Glen Wakeman is passionate about business development, innovations, and growth of business ventures. Another important thing to note is that Glen has lived in six different countries that have enabled him to acquire great business experiences.


Glen Wakeman follows a particular schedule on a daily basis. He reviews cash, sales, and service performance of LaunchPad holdings to ensure that everything runs as planned. Each day, he takes a conference to assign duties to different people. Some of the duties he divides include designing revisions, paying bills, and management of administrative roles. Research on customer inquiries, communications, competition, and consumer trends is done every day.


Securus Technologies Is One Of A Kind

There is a company that is called Securus Technologies that leads the rest of them in the public safety industry. They are known worldwide for their excellent work and technologies. Their clients are based across the nation, and they are correction facilities, as well as other companies that need to worry about the safety of the public.


Their technologies are awesome. They created a video system that can be used in the correction facilities for the prisoners. The prisoners can see and talk with their loved ones. This is safer for the staff of the facilities, the prisoners and their loved ones.


Securus Technologies received a lot of written correspondence that gave them high accolades for the work that they do. The company decided to make it public so that others could see how important their work actually is.


For even more impact, at one time, the company allowed the public to visit their TX plant. The people were taken on a tour and given a presentation. It was a interesting and successful event that everyone was pleased with.


The company is determined to keep their lead in the industry. They create new and creative ways to deal the public’s safety weekly. Their staff is remarkable, educated and determined, and there isn’t a job that they can’t complete. Since they are in such high demand, the company looks to have a great future in public safety.


Madison Street Capital’s outstanding Investment Guidance to Sterling Packaging

Madison Street Capital is a firm that is globally recognized for the excellent investment banking solutions that it offers to corporations. The company recently got an opportunity to act as the exclusive financial consultant for Sterling Packaging, which had a growth equity investment transaction. Sterling Packaging is a Selkirk-based company that has specialized in the production of folding cartons. It is currently striving to establish a new branch in Monroeville, Alabama, and it will receive equity financial solutions from Druid Capital Partners. The Madison Street Capital team was headed by Jay Rodgers who is the company’s M.D. Learn more:


Rodgers acknowledged the Sterling Packaging’s proprietors, Jim and Debbie Hickson, for their excellent leadership that enabled the company to expand. They represented the firm during the transaction. Sterling Packaging’s clients will be able to access a wide array of products after the establishment of the new division with financial aid from Druid Capital Partner. The Madison Street Capital team was happy to bring the two enterprises together. Learn more:


Martin Holt, who serves as Druid Capital’s managing partner, said that the firm’s professionals were glad to work with Mr. and Mrs. Hicksons. According to him, Debbie and Jim are highly innovative and hardworking individuals who have ensured that their company and family have a unique value system. Holt hopes that his company will work well with the carton manufacturer. The success of the deal as contributed to building the Madison Street Capital reputation. Learn more:


Sterling Packaging joined the folded paperboard cartons manufacturing business in 1989. The primary industries that the firm serves include cosmetics, foods and beverages, hardware, and pharmaceuticals. The enterprises that use its products range from SMEs to the Fortune 500 companies in Canada and the United States. Despite manufacturing packaging products for different sectors, Sterling Packaging has specialized in serving the beverages industry.


Druid Capital Partners is one of the trusted boutique investment management firms in the United States, and it was established in 2015. Most of the businesses that it has partnered with are experts in manufacturing, distribution, and industrial solutions. Druid Capital is greatly appreciated for its outstanding equity capital services. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital has served several clients who need guidance on business valuation, merger and acquisitions, financial opinions, and corporate finances. The company’s excellent services have enabled several corporations to be successful in the international markets. It has been using new opportunities that are in emerging markets to facilitate the growth of its clients.


Michael Lacey’s Participation in Fighting for Human Rights

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are remarkable journalists who are dedicated to giving back to the community. They are co-founding partners at the Phoenix New Times and the renowned Village Voice Media. Lacey and Larkin donated their settlement money to migrant rights organizations across Arizona. The two journalists received the settlement money, amounting to 3.75 million when they were wrongly arrested for reporting their investigation.

Lacey and Larkin had uncovered the existence of corrupt grand jury proceedings that looked for the investigative reporters’ notes on articles talking about Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The two journalists also reported that grand jury subpoenas wanted to know the people who had read online stories on New Times concerning the Sheriff.

Lacey and Larkin sued the county for the above offenses since they had spent their careers in affirming and defending the First Amendment rights, which currently exists in the United States Court of Appeals. The two journalists are also the owners of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, which aims to support groups fighting for human, civil, and migrant rights. The organization also backs groups advocating for civil participation and freedom of speech across Arizona.

A Closer Focus on Michael Lacey’s Endeavors

Michael Lacey is an outstanding journalist and a role model in the society. Before earning his good reputation, Lacey was a former student from Arizona State University where he had enrolled in the late 1960s but dropped out in 1970. He went ahead to participate in publishing the introductory issue of Phoenix New Times. This was a feedback report of the campus anti-war protests regarding the coverage by ultra-conservative local media.

Michael Lacey’s Involvements

Michael collaborated with Jim co-found Phoenix New Times. The New Times has gained popularity across the nation through its exploration of political and social issues. This has been attributed by the two journalists where Lacey is the executive editor while Larkin controls the advertising sector.

Furthermore, the newspaper’s fame led to its purchase in 1983 by the news and arts weekly of Denver called Westword. As a result, New Times began to embrace a renowned multimillion-dollar conglomerate of papers like Miami New Times, LA Weekly, and the New York-based Village Voice.

Village Voice Media Holdings is well-known for investigative reporting as well as sophisticated coverage of food, music, and arts. Lacey and Larkin’s wise decision to sell the company to a group of company executives, by the end of 2012, led to an increase in the chain to 56 million online viewers and nearly nine million print readers monthly.

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Michael Lacey |

Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Speak To Family

Securus Technologies is the finest of all inmate prison communication companies in the world, and they have a phone call and video call system that may be used by anyone at any time. There is an app that will help people place calls when they want to people around the prison system, and they may use the app to place their calls from remote locations around the world. This article explains how the company ensures that all calls are helpful to families.


#1: There Are Many Places To Call From


Calling from many locations around the world is helpful for customers, and Securus has an app that may be used by anyone who wishes. The app allows us to place calls to family from around my phone, and I have discovered that having family reunions around the phone is easy for all of us.


#2: The App Is Easy To Use


I am using the app to place calls on my phone and tablet, and I am using the app to check on multiple people at the same time. I may use the app to place calls to people that I care about, and I want them to know that I am thinking of them. This is important for us as a family, and we all get on the video calls that Securus has been so generous to pay for. They have placed video cameras around America to help people like us.


The video calls that we have made over the Securus system are quite important, and we have had many large gatherings where everyone comes around my phone or my tablet. We have had many calls with the jail, and we are keeping our family unit together because we do not need to drive up to the jail to make our visitations.


Logan Stout’s IDLife Is Dominating The Health And Wellness Industry

Logan Stout is a renowned entrepreneur, best-selling author, sought after speaker and a leadership counselor. In his broad career, Logan has been able to generate billions of dollars. He is the author of “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams.” ABC’s Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John endorsed this book. Logan has been featured on various media outlets, including FOX, The Ticket, CBS Radio, and The Fan.

IDLife, LLC is a successful health and wellness venture. As a former athlete, Stout says that the business was driven by his passion for nutrition. ID Nutrition came about when he met Zig Ziglar’s personal doctor, who had created the world’s first customized vitamin program. He acquired the asset, which is now a successful venture in the industry. Stout comes up with ideas by brainstorming opinions from different experts. Speaking to ideamensch, Logan Stout said that his growth in entrepreneurship is anchored on working with the right people.

About IDLife
IDLife specializes in personalized nutrition. Over the years, demand for their products has increased. American’s are increasingly embracing healthy living practices. There has also been an increased awareness on the cost of medical care. Logan Stout took advantage of the two factors to establish IDLife, which in U.S. alone, generates $23 billion per year. The company has managed to be at the top of the health and wellness industry due to its unique business model. Logan, who serves as the company’s chairman and CEO, has worked relentlessly to ensure its success through partnering with top business leaders. Some of the professionals that are affiliated with IDLife are Darwin Deason, Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom and Len Critcher.

The company offers individually designed (ID) vitamins, which are customized based on sex, sun exposure, eating habits and exercise, medical conditions, prescription medication and age. IDLife also offers mass-customized products such as Kraft, Ford, Wrigley, Keds and Nike. The vitamin products are built on a foundation of scientific data that is collected from over 7,500 clinical trials and peer-reviewed medical journals. The above interactive approach offers as many as 1.3 million potential combinations for users. Their direct business model facilitates the manufacturer of products and supply of the same directly to consumers. This way, it has enhanced the sales revenue generated by the company. IDLife attributes its success to its great compensation plan.