The Contribution Made By Brad Reifler In Leveling The Investment Field In The US

The financial sector in the United States of America is one of the pillars that support the economy of the country. It is driven by some of the world’s smartest financial gurus that have contributed to its growth. Although most financial and investment advisors on Wall street deal with wealthy investors, there are some that also manage the portfolios of other small investors. Forefront Capital is one of the leading financial firms in the United States that is now providing investment opportunities to both the wealthy investors on Wall Street as well as the investors who belong to the middle class in the United States of America. The firm provides alternative investment management, investment banking and capital markets services to its clients. The global financial services firm is committed at helping both the wealthy investors and the middle class make prudent and profitable investments.

The growth of the firm that has made an impact globally is headed by Mr. Bradley Reifler who is currently the Chief Executive Officer. The success of the firm is largely attributed to the efforts and tenacity of the CEO who has significantly helped the firm stand out among other financial services firms in the world. In his efforts to bring in the small investors on Wall Street, Mr. Brad Reifler observes that the problems that a small investor in the United States faces ranges from fees, the access to investments and generally the risks that are likely to occur at the stock market. In terms of fees, he states that most financial and investment firms charge very high fees and this locks out small investors out of Wall Street. The firms also go ahead and charge high fees regardless of the performance of the investors’ portfolios. He goes onto say that small investors face the problem of being denied access to investment opportunities that are otherwise available only to the accredited investors.

To address the problems that the small investors face, the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital has decided to make investment opportunities for small investors readily available. This would ensure that the playing field is level by giving them opportunities that are only reserved to the wealthy investors in the United States of America. The financial and investment firm doesn’t charge management fee to the clients in an effort to level the playing field.

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Forefront Capital. He attended school at the Bowdoin College and has been involved with many companies in the financial sector. Before Forefront, he had founded Pali Capital which is also helped investors make prudent investments.