Reviewing The Recent Changes And Achievements Of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare, which has maintained professional services in the provision of physician practice services, is an established company that is working to ensure all their clients access quality services through an efficient and reliable system. The company has invested in the establishment of an efficient service on that is managed by professionals with years of experience coupled with modern equipment and systems that are integrated to enhance speed and reliability.

To speed up the realization of the goals set, InnovaCare Health has changed many things about the company and this is because of their resolve to come out as the most reliable company within Puerto Rico. The biggest challenge that had to be overcome is reshuffling the leadership and injecting new blood, something they have managed to complete quite amicably. They have hired new and more experienced professionals for different positions as explained below.

The first position InnovaCare made changes on is the chief actuary officer, which went to Jonathan Meyers. To choose the professionals, InnovaCare considered their past experiences in the field and the skills they will bring to the company. Jonathan, having worked with several companies including the government, was best suited to fill the office. He once worked on Medicaid and Medicare projects and this motivated InnovaCare to hire him since he has some experience on matters clinical healthcare.

Since his appointment as the chief actuary, Jonathan has made several changes in the company that include the introduction of new technology to help in the execution of roles. His advice to the management team has helped the company to adopt new practices that have enhanced service delivery.

Mike Sortino, who is currently working as the chief accountant, has also brought a unique touch to the company and his management of the financial processes has changed the way many projects are handled.

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The leadership of InnovaCare is made up of professionals with great experience like the CEO Dr. Rick Shinto. He has also written journals on clinical science, so his understanding of the industry is an addition that has changed the way things are managed. Dr. Richard Shinto appreciates the support he receives from Penelope Kokkinides, who has also worked in the field of clinical science for over 15 years. Penelope Kokkinides holds the position of the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare.