Get Quality Lip Balms From Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has only been around for about seven years, but in this short time, the company has virtually taken over the lip balm market. Evolution of Smooth is currently the second best selling lip balm brand in America, and the company sells around 1 million units each week. Sales for EOS have even gone beyond legendary lip balm brands like Blistex and Chapstick. It is also predicted that Evolution of Smooth will be at the forefront of the growth of the lip balm industry. The market is expected to be worth $2 billion by the year 2020.

EOS provides a number of organic and natural lip balms in several flavors. Some of the most popular flavors are Vanilla and Vanilla Mint, which is particularly popular during the fall and holiday season. Summer and spring flavors include Passionfruit, Summer Fruits and Strawberry Sorbet, which has pronounced fruity scents. View now! EOS lip balms contain antioxidants like vitamin E, which help to prevent dryness and peeling, and shea butter, which is a natural sun protectant that prevents the lips from aging. The company also offers lip balms with a hint of shimmer, enriched with healthy ingredients like coconut milk. See for more stories.

In addition to the variety of lip balms EOS provides, the company also has a line of shaving creams and hand lotions with quality ingredients to protect the skin.

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Beneful Playful Life

Beneful commercials are always extremely light hearted. Each commercial has bits of dog food magically falling into a bowl in nearly slow motion. This is to embrace the quality of ingredients found in each dish. It is also to showcase the vast variety of flavors available for your dogs taste buds. Beneful produced a commercial for Beneful Playful Life. It starts out with the owner’s dog bringing him a toy probably to play with. The owner then takes it from him and thanks him as if the dog just did a sweet gesture towards him. The commercial then transitions to the narrator defining all the amazing qualities of such a dish put together just for dog consumption. The ingredient description includes egg and oatmeal which is unusual for other dog food brands. This is one of the strategies the marketing team used to make the Beneful dishes stand out.

The commercial then cuts to the dog and his owner running around and playing in the background much to the credit to Beneful Playful Life provides your dog with healthy energy and nutrition to build strong muscles and cultivate great overall health. The commercial then ends with the narrator stating that the dog is so spoiled but that the food is so good for him too. How can this not be an excellent choice for your dog’s diet? The commercial then cuts back to ingredients magically falling into the bowl in slow motion again to embrace the quality of the product.

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