Madison Street Capital’s outstanding Investment Guidance to Sterling Packaging

Madison Street Capital is a firm that is globally recognized for the excellent investment banking solutions that it offers to corporations. The company recently got an opportunity to act as the exclusive financial consultant for Sterling Packaging, which had a growth equity investment transaction. Sterling Packaging is a Selkirk-based company that has specialized in the production of folding cartons. It is currently striving to establish a new branch in Monroeville, Alabama, and it will receive equity financial solutions from Druid Capital Partners. The Madison Street Capital team was headed by Jay Rodgers who is the company’s M.D. Learn more:


Rodgers acknowledged the Sterling Packaging’s proprietors, Jim and Debbie Hickson, for their excellent leadership that enabled the company to expand. They represented the firm during the transaction. Sterling Packaging’s clients will be able to access a wide array of products after the establishment of the new division with financial aid from Druid Capital Partner. The Madison Street Capital team was happy to bring the two enterprises together. Learn more:


Martin Holt, who serves as Druid Capital’s managing partner, said that the firm’s professionals were glad to work with Mr. and Mrs. Hicksons. According to him, Debbie and Jim are highly innovative and hardworking individuals who have ensured that their company and family have a unique value system. Holt hopes that his company will work well with the carton manufacturer. The success of the deal as contributed to building the Madison Street Capital reputation. Learn more:


Sterling Packaging joined the folded paperboard cartons manufacturing business in 1989. The primary industries that the firm serves include cosmetics, foods and beverages, hardware, and pharmaceuticals. The enterprises that use its products range from SMEs to the Fortune 500 companies in Canada and the United States. Despite manufacturing packaging products for different sectors, Sterling Packaging has specialized in serving the beverages industry.


Druid Capital Partners is one of the trusted boutique investment management firms in the United States, and it was established in 2015. Most of the businesses that it has partnered with are experts in manufacturing, distribution, and industrial solutions. Druid Capital is greatly appreciated for its outstanding equity capital services. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital has served several clients who need guidance on business valuation, merger and acquisitions, financial opinions, and corporate finances. The company’s excellent services have enabled several corporations to be successful in the international markets. It has been using new opportunities that are in emerging markets to facilitate the growth of its clients.