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Impressionable Facts about Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has efficiently enhanced inmate communication in many correctional facilities in the United States and has profoundly contributed towards improving the security of most parts of the country. The criminal justice technology firm has helped to transform the way of life in most correctional facilities and the provision of their telephone communication wireless devices was one of their greatest achievements. The high observation of the firm to the current technology has seen it record a high number of individuals that use their services and products. In the beginning of 2010, the firm recorded at least thirty million inmates who used their phone call services.

The firm has always strived to design new products and services to ensure that their customers carry out their activities at a high speed. Besides, the firm’s ability to develop their wireless devices with the most modern technology has seen them enhance the security of most correctional facilities through the use of CCTV cameras that help investigative officers, as well as law enforcers, monitor the activities of people in and outside the prison premises. A significant number of individuals are highly pleased with the firm’s ability to help law enforcers resolve crime in the various parts of the country and given positive feedback concerning the services of Securus technologies.

Securus Technologies also gives a lot of focus to their customers and strives to address every issue that they raise concerning their services. The exceptional dedication of the officials of the firm to provide outstanding services to their customers has seen them offer their products at affordable prices to ensure that each of their customers gets an opportunity to get in touch with their loved ones. The closeness of the firm’s staff with those of the various correctional facilities has ensured that they solve any drug-related crimes and address any suspicious activities that take place in the prisons.


George Soros Donates $18 Billion To His Organization, Open Society Foundations

Billionaire hedge fund manager, George Soros, has donated $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations. The organization is owned by Soros, who is also a major Democratic donor. Soros’ donation is among the largest transfer of wealth that has ever been made by an individual to a single foundation. The donation was only disclosed recently. Over the years, he has been donating huge sums of money to the foundation. The donation transformed the Open Society Foundations into the second-largest charity organization in the U.S. In addition, this gesture will place George Soros squarely at the core of debates in the country.

George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation over 30 years ago. The foundation seeks to enhance democracy and uphold human rights in over 120 countries. Over the years, the organization has been investing in initiatives seeking to protect the rights of gays and lesbians, and reduce abuses by the police. During the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the Open Society Foundations supported different treatment centers. In addition, the foundation supported one of Roma’s cultural and art centers. They also engaged in initiatives seeking to protect individuals in the U.S. from what was referred to as “a national wave of hate incidents” following the 2016 election. At the time, George said that they needed to act to push against what was happening. To this end, Soros pledged $10 million to help in preventing such violence.

According to Eileen Heisman, Soros is making a big statement. Heisman notes that Soros has a clear point of view, which he is not trying to hide. Eileen Heisman is the CEO of the National Philanthropic Trust, a revered non-profit organization that works closely with different foundations. The Open Society Foundations’ vice president, Patrick Gaspard, posited that President Trump’s election had brought a sense of urgency to the organization’s work. He particularly cited that Trump’s commission faced criticism from Democrats owing to their views on voter fraud. According to Gaspard, the commission lacks integrity. He talked about the need for equal access to protection. Read more at Fortune about George Soros.

As a young boy growing up in Hungary, George saw the atrocities committed against the Jews. He survived the Nazi occupation. In 1947, Soros flew to London when Budapest was under the communist rule. Later, he moved to the U.S. where he worked on Wall Street. In 1992, he made $1 billion after betting against the British pound. Owing to his success with the trade, Soros become an international figure. Soros’ aggressiveness against the pound pushed the authorities to devalue the currency. This information was originally mentioned on NY Times as outlined in this link https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/17/business/george-soros-open-society-foundations.html

As one of the leading philanthropists in the world, Soros has supported individuals and organizations through the Open Society Foundations. His support focuses on initiatives that seek to promote the freedom of expression, justice and equality, and accountable governments. Soros started his philanthropy in 1979 by supporting black South Africans during apartheid. Subsequently, he advanced the exchange of ideas in communist Hungary. To foster critical thinking, George Soros founded the Central European University following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Presently, he supports independent organizations like the International Crisis Group and the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Follow George Soros on twitter.com.

Sentient AI – e-commerce personalization

In the present hyper-commoditized market where major brands dominate the competition on logistics and price, the best way to win customers is through outstanding experience. Personalization is the key to delighting consumers online at scale. In the end, constantly appreciating customers and delivering on the brand promise is how a brand remains relevant. And although personalization has been around for quite a while, using artificial intelligence for the same creates a whole different experience through tools laser-focused on e-commerce personalization in the following ways:

Optimized send frequency

With contextual e-commerce personalization, digital marketers now have a brilliant opportunity to make content that is relevant to a person using the user’s current situation. Moreover, AI is expected to bring a change to solve the problem of marketing pressure being too high. AI can be used to analyze a client’s purchase history as well as their email habits. Such analysis of demographic and behavioral data is used to ascertain a user’s preferred content type as well as the appropriate time to send the content. Branded content will come in via the rich data drawn from the client interaction with content, displaying consumer preferences and purchasing stage.

Unified programmatic media buying.

Through Artificial intelligence, an additional dash of relevancy on programmatic ads can be achieved. On the side of the consumer, AI helps in creating individualized ads that specifically target a website visitor. Also, AI bots take care of the payment and invoices of ad transactions providing digital marketers more necessary information.

Chatbot-based customer service

More than fifty percent of companies fail to identify their customers during contact hence losing business. Automated bots not only create a seamless customer service experience but also respond on time. Bots work by addressing the customers purchase history and the preferences that are already known. Moreover, chatbots are a cheap way of handing customer service through phone. However, bots will only bring hyper-personalization benefits if they have access to collective shopper profiles with real-time data.

Predictive customer service.

Knowing when a customer will reach out next is important. A new artificial intelligence technology that is able to predict with more than eighty percent certainty why, on which conduit, and for which merchandise distinct clienteles will seek out help next.

Visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-02-06/silicon-valley-hedge-fund-takes-on-wall-street-with-ai-trader

Sweetgreen Improves its Services and Menu to Make It a Restaurant of Choice

Nathaniel Ru is the Co-Founder and the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen. Nathaniel is an alumnus of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. He graduated with Bachelors in Finance.

Nathaniel and two other graduates from the same college founded Sweetgreen. The company has already expanded to 27 locations in six states, with a plan to continue expanding.

The Idea behind Sweetgreens

Nathaniel Ru and his colleagues believed that people needed good dining and delicious foods. It was not just about the meal. It had to be affordable and fit your tastes and preferences to entice the entire community.

They loved to refer to it as the food that fits. In 2010, Nathaniel and colleagues launched a food festival that attracted over 20000 people. They were from both the high end and low-end profiles.

The company and its restaurants believe in healthy living, the wellbeing of the entire community and sustainability. At Sweetgreen, there is a fast casual salad chain that has been introduced, and its delicacy has caused people to have a demand for it like it was a new product. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: http://www.forbes.com/pictures/ekeg45fe/nicolas-jammet-nathaniel-ru-jonathan-neman-co-founders-sweetgreen-262627/

Ru has confirmed that a strategy that has helped them succeed with Sweetgreen is their being able to open at the right hour. They have also ensured that they have their restaurants at places where there are a lot of people. Busy locations keep them busy with serving their delicious meals.

Customers of Sweetgreen, take the shortest time to receive service. Nathaniel Ru has ensured that they have an open kitchen where they have displayed all their ingredients. Considering a customer’s preference and taste, you will only need to wait 15 minutes in line for service. The restaurant makes all their ingredients from scratch so customers receive fresh products every day.

The process has been made simple when making an order. When you are waiting on the line at Sweetgreen, there is a team that is busy taking you through the process. It has been made simpler than before because it is a one-on-one process that takes approximately two to three minutes of your time.

Nathaniel Ru says that they do not order food from shops. Instead, they keep in touch with farmers who get the products directly from the farm. Fresh foods have helped cut down on food cost and waste, as most customers prefer fresh vegetables for consumption.

End Citizens United Notes A Major Wake-up Call Regarding Campaign Finance Rules

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization that is dedicated to ending the controversial Supreme Court decision Citizens United. They realize just how detrimental this decision has been to U.S. politics, and there is one glaring wake-up call they want us all to be aware of.

Recently, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was able to prove conclusively that the Kremlin was indeed involved in posting social media advertisements and spending money in order to influence the United States election. Mueller’s task is to determine if Donald Trump’s election was in any way influenced by the Russians, which is something that is not supposed to be allowed in the United States. Many of the individuals involved with End Citizens United are confident that Mueller and his team will be able to determine the truth on that matter.

What End Citizens United is not so confident about would be the tendency for foreign influence to continue in future congressional, gubernatorial, senatorial and presidential elections. End Citizens United realizes that right-wing candidates have sabotaged our laws regarding campaign finance for a number of years already. Right wingers have a host of pet causes, and they know that they can win elections simply based on the hands of just a few donors. This is obviously a rigged, unfair system.

Check technewsspy.com for more details.

Of course, some would probably scoff at the fact that this Russian group only spent 100 grand on Facebook ads for the 2016 election. The problem though is just like a household pest, where one instance is uncovered there are usually thousands more examples under the surface. Indeed, there have been Chinese firms who have tried to influence our politics and billionaires from countries such as (surprise, surprise) Mexico who have tried to do so as well.

About End Citizens United

The main purpose of End Citizens United is to get the big money out of politics. It is in this vein that this grassroots organization remains dedicated to electing Democrats who are committed to campaign finance reform. They have a large social media presence on such sites as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They are committed to educating the public about the evils of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and how campaign finance reform is sorely needed in this country.

Find more about End Citizens United: http://positivethefacts.com/2017/10/activist-investigations-uncover-russian-meddling-according-to-end-citizens-united/