Susan McGalla Tells Get Balance Magazine That You Don’t Have To Quit Your Career When You Become A Mother

For women in the workforce, becoming a mother while in the middle of your career can bring a lot of new challenges and if you’re a single mother, those challenges are even greater. But it’s not impossible to lead both lives, and business leader and mother Susan McGalla does both very well. She wrote an article for Getting Balance magazine in which she explained how she was able to do it.

The first thing McGalla recommends you do is find the time whenever possible to get rest. That could mean an afternoon nap, time at the spa to get a massage or something to take your mind off of the stresses of work and family life. She also said you shouldn’t fill your life with too many activities that are pointless and won’t help you out, and that means sometimes you need to politely avoid neighbors or extended family during down time. McGalla also recommends time for activities like working out aerobically or in the gym so that you can stay in shape and ready to handle the heavy lifting of a mother. One other thing she recommends is having a little time once in a while where technology is turned off so you can free your mind and come back refreshed.

Susan McGalla’s career has been successful in marketing and brand management for various companies in Pittsburgh. She received her bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College and spent nearly 10 years at the Joseph Horne Company. McGalla then became charged with replenishing merchandise at American Eagle Outfitters where she managed regional stores for the first several years, and then she joined the corporate division in marketing and merchandise management. She would be promoted to the executive committee as chief merchandising officer in 2006, and one year later she was made president of American Eagle. McGalla oversaw the opening of Aerie and 77kids during her time at the company.

Susan McGalla went from American Eagle to the Board of Directors at HFF, Inc., a Pittsburgh real estate firm. She also served as a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh’s medical research center and was an advisor to the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. McGalla currently brings out new fan merchandise and memorabilia promotions as Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she sometimes offers advice to up and coming executives through a small consulting firm she runs.

Ways the US Money Reserve Helps Clients Understand All Their Options

Since the beginning, the US Reserve has made sure they’re helping all their clients. They know what clients want and they’ll do what they can to get them all the help they need. They also always give people the things that will allow them to make the right decisions for their coin investing.

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For the US Money Reserve, the idea is to always give their clients what they’re looking for. It doesn’t matter that they have to try things on their own or that they might lose out on some of the profits they could be making. The only thing that matters to the US Reserve is serving their clients.

There are times when people might look for a specific coin. They may not be able to find it anywhere but the US Money Reserve.

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They plan to always give back to the people they’re helping and that’s the point they make. As long as they can show people how they’re helping, they know there is a chance they can keep doing good for all their clients.

As long as there are things that people need, the US Money Reserve will work for them. They don’t slack when it comes to client requests. They also try to show clients they have a chance at getting coins no other company can find.

Since the US Reserve has been around for so long, they have a lot of connections in the industry. They often use these connections to give them a chance to grow their business while helping customers. It gives them the ability to help customers get more from the coin collecting business.

The Oxford Club, Affluence And Esteem

The Oxford Club is an investment and business group dedicated to the well being and financial education of the individual investor. These people organize elaborate sectors to help people and their community to achieve financial wealth and the ability to keep the money that they net. Their investigations into what a profitable investment is which will prove both lucrative and low risk is renown to their services to their members, which is now climbing at a strikingly high eighty thousand people so far.

This entity that is the educational arm of the Oxford Club is called Investment U, as it is a branch of the organization which supplements peoples awareness of hand-picked quality investment opportunities.

As a whole, The Oxford Club goes across the board when looked at with an investors point of view. They cover bonds, stocks, portfolios, commodities, options, real estate, precious metals, and all other things affiliated with the broad scope in which the capitalistic world is made up of as of today. The core belief of The Oxford Club is that the best opportunities are not discussed at Wall Street but within the disclosures and commemoration of the rich and wealthy.

The Oxford Club offers three distinct memberships to the parties involved, as well as qualities and incentives to entice just about anyone to climb up to ranks of a more prolific society. The basic membership holds the ground level essentials along with many standard positive benefits The Oxford Club is known for. The second level status not only gives to the members associated with the group directly, but it also sprinkles down to the next era of the affiliates offspring as well so that they receive the same augmentations as their predecessors.

The final state of association is with the Chairmans Circle Membership. This gives permission for the user to access an exclusive area of the web-based program to reserve information solely curtailed to their percentile.

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Paul Mamapilly, Investment Guru and Editor of Profits Unlimited

Paul Mamapilly is an American investor and former hedge fund manager who is the author of the investment research and advisory program Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited is a subscription-based program based on Mr. Mamapilly’s innovative style of investing, which helped him to win the Templeton Foundation investment competition earlier in his career. Profits Unlimited gives subscribers access to his model portfolio, and also provides them with weekly updates and trade alerts to help investors make significant profits.

As a member of Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mamapilly is the senior editor of Profits Unlimited as well as two other trading programs, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Mr. Mamapilly also writes a weekly column for Banyan’s newsletter, which is titled “Winning Investor Daily.” Prior to joining Banyan Hill, he worked on Wall Street for over twenty years, serving with major clients such as ING, Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International. Learn more about Paul on

In 2003, Paul Mamapilly founded the Capuchin Group, also known as Capuchinomics, a published research service that was focused on behavioral finance. The publication was widely read, but discontinued in August of 2006, when Mr. Paul Mamapilly moved to Kinetics to serve as a Senior Portfolio Manager. He revived the Capuchin name in 2013 when he founded Capuchin Consulting, an investment consultation firm that offers unique, profitable strategies for investing. He continues to work at Capuchin Consulting in the present day while also writing and editing publications for Banyan Hill. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Paul Mamapilly was born in India, and he moved to the United States as a young man to look for work in the financial sector. He received his undergraduate education at Hunter College and NYU in New York City before studying at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business, where he received his MBA in 1997. His first position after receiving his MBA was as a research assistant for Deutsche Bank, but he rose quickly through the ranks to become an account manager for ING and Bankers Trust. Successful personal investments of his include Facebook, Whole Foods and Netflix, along with several prominent pharmaceutical companies.


Student’s Are Building Social Connections Around The World Thanks To Class Dojo

Everyone knows how important education is for the youth of our country and that’s why there are many organizations and individuals out there dedicated to helping improve the quality of education that is available to all students. One of the fastest growing education platform’s that is helping improve the quality of education for students, not just in the U.S. but around the globe, is Class Dojo. While there are many learning platforms out there, that majority of them cost money and only focus on teaching students specific information. Class Dojo, however, is focused on improving the level of communication that students have with their teachers as well as their parents.

Through Class Dojo’s app, students are able to participate in the Class Board to share information and notes along with funny classroom moments and stories. Not only can students share with each other, but classrooms around the world can communicate and share videos with each other to help shows students the various cultures of the world. This kind of connection for young students helps them see the many similarities between themselves and other people around the world as well as the differences. In the future, international collaboration will come easiest to those who are open to people from all walks of life, making this kind of social connecting very important.

One of the main reasons to increase communication between students, parents, and teachers is because it allows for more effective learning in the classroom. Students that are engaged in their learning and have the support of their parents are proven to do better in their schooling. With Class Dojo, even parents with busy work schedules can take part in their child’s learning through the Class Dojo app. At all times of the day, teachers can directly contact parents through the app to keep them informed about their child’s work and what’s coming on the school calendar. Since Class Dojo first launched they have remained free of charge for all participants and will continue to remain free so all students can benefit from their program.