Dr. Saad Saad’s Health Advice to Augment Infants’ Welfare

Dr. Saad Saad was born a Palestinian in the late 1940’s but shortly found himself and his family made second-class Kuwaiti residents as a result of the formation of Israel and the resultant forced relocations of multitudes of Palestinians. Living in Kuwait as a second-class resident made Dr. Saad Saad keenly intent on gaining the respect of others.

To this end, Dr. Saad Saad pursued a high level of education with zeal. Subsequently, Dr. Saad Saad decided upon a career as a pediatric surgeon for which he travelled to Egypt to study at Cairo University, completing his medical education second in his class. Eventually, Dr. Saad Saad immigrated to the United States and became a U. S. Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad and https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

This elite pediatric surgeon status coupled with the fact that Dr. Saad Saad was glib in both English and Arabic enabled him to attain the honor of being a pediatric surgeon employed by the Saudi Royal Family for several years.

Subsequently, Dr. Saad Saad returned to the United States for his children’s education where he was employed at K Hovnanian Children Hospital as the co-director and surgeon-in-chief until he joined the ranks of the retirees. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Saad Saad’s also patented two inventions during a pediatric career exceeding 40 years. The first invention of Dr. Saad Saad is an antifogging endoscope that is equipped with a built-in suction and irrigation component to address the frequently encountered issue of bodily fluids fogging up the device and obstructing the vision of doctors.

The second invention of Dr. Saad Saad’s is an electromagnetic catheter that allows a doctor to sweep the patient’s body with a hand-held device and discover the precise location of the catheter within the patient’s body.

With Dr. Saad Saad’s extensive experience as a pediatric surgeon, he offers the following advice to mothers of infants: eat healthy, work out regularly, maintain a healthy body weight, drink only moderately, don’t smoke, breastfeed, and make sure that their infant gets adequate sleep time.

Moreover, Dr. Saad Saad recommends consulting a doctor if an infant exhibits symptoms of either a cold or meningitis as these two illnesses are particularly dangerous to infants if they catch them.

Because peanut allergy is such commonplace, Dr. Saad Saad suggests that mothers employ a home peanut allergy test to determine whether their infant has it or not.

The home peanut allergy test is as follows: mix two teaspoons of peanut butter with hot water and feed the created puree to the infant. If the infant develops symptoms, such as hives or a rash, trouble breathing, or exhibit behavior changes, the infant has a peanut allergy.

OSI Food Solutions And A Bright Career Path

Finding a career that is satisfying and rewarding has its perks. You enjoy getting up in the morning because you have something to look forward too. Most jobs do not offer the adventure that yours does and they do not allow creative minds to have say in how the company could operate better. These jobs tend to have high turn over rates because the employees feel as if they are not being heard. Not only that, there are no real benefits to being there because everything has to be done a certain way and nothing else really matters.

OSI Food Solutions is the company any you want to work for. They offer dynamic careers that are worth having and allow you to be part of the creative process. You will not find any other companies that will let you have this much freedom in the meat processing industry. They look for brilliant minds that are willing to explore every possibility available to expand the company as a whole. You are required to think and put your innovative minds to work in helping to keep OSI Food Solutions a success. You are the future and it looks very bright as long as you are willing to be a part of it. There are plenty of job opportunities available for you to get one and enjoy your days having to work hard but with fun attitudes at the office. There is nothing like coming into work wondering what you are going to get into in that day.

OSI Food Solutions won an award for their safety and environmental management in 2016 by the British Safety Council. Because they believe in protecting the environment and employee safety, they were given the Globe of Honor to commemorate their achievement. This company has been around for well over 100 years and still believes in providing the top notch care it always has when it comes to processing meat. OSI Food Solutions also process cooked meat as well. Things continue to shine with this company, and you can shine with them. Please apply to this company today.

Check more about OSI Food Solutions: http://www.osieurope.com/en.html

The Best Homecare Provider, Sussex Healthcare Company

The first Sussex Healthcare Company was established in 1985. It has been in operation for more than 20 years. Sussex has offered homecare to the elderly people in the society and other disadvantaged people who need specialized attention. Sussex operation area is at the Southern Coast of England. Sussex Healthcare Company has succeeded in the provision of home care services since its inception by two great men, Shiraz Boghani, an experienced hotelier manager and Shafik Sachedina, an experienced dental Surgeon. Sussex primary role is to help people live an enjoyable life with good emotional, physical, social and spiritual care. It makes available meals, excellent accommodation and personalized care to residents. Visit CV Library to know more.

Moreover, Sussex offers a short-time care to some of their residents to allow them to have time to have a break from the responsibilities of their families. Apart from giving home care to the old, the Sussex Healthcare has specialists who deal in the provision of care to people critical condition. These specialists acquire their training at Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care and deal in such conditions as dementia, neurological injury, and profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Its experienced staff and care team are trained and committed to taking care of the Sussex residents. Sussex is dedicated to providing a good working environment for its employees. Sussex Company also has an academy at their head office that offers training opportunities to the employees who need to further their studies. Its purposes are to train its staffs so that they can provide the highest quality of care and support to their residents. Visit the website sussexhealthcare.org to learn more.

Apart from their experienced staff management, they have a great team of policy advisers led by Nick Bosanquet, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy and Peter Catchpole, and a long-time healthcare consultant. They advised Sussex Healthcare accordingly and had resulted in the production of the best services across the United Kingdom.

Other than the provision of healthcare Sussex Healthcare believes that offering of recreational and leisure accomplishments are more than important in making the well-being of an individual. They have exciting gardens, swimming pools, and gyms with the training specialist.

View: https://www.sussexhealthcare.org/dementia-care.html

Adam Milstein: A man with a big Heart

Adam Milstein is one man who has demonstrated that with determination and sacrifice, nothing is possible. He is one of the most prominent Israeli-America philanthropists who has devoted a lot of effort to the cause of supporting Israelis and the Israel state in America.


Adam Milstein was born and raised in Haifa before he moved to the United States in 1981 with his family. Before that, Milstein served as a military Officer in the Israeli Defense Force where he fought in the Yom Kippur War. He furthered his post-secondary education at the University of Southern Carolina.



Milstein is the current chairman of the Israeli Council, an organization he co-founded. Besides, he also sits on the board of various organizations including the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation.


He has sacrificed a big part of his life fighting for the rights of Israelis within and outside borders of Israel.


Other than his philanthropic work, Adam Milstein has also invested heavily in the real estate industry in Los Angeles. He is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties (a company valued to be worth over $1 billion).


Philanthropy and Real Estate work


Although his father was a real estate investor, it was not until he arrived in the US that Adam Milstein ventured into the Real Estate industry. He started his career at Hager Pacific Properties after earning an MBA at USC. It was at during that time that he was introduced to philanthropy.



Adam Milstein became successful but he was not satisfied with financial success. He, therefore, decided to dedicate most of his time giving back to the community.


It was at this point that he co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to support the various charity organizations and programs.


To say that Adam Milstein is just a leader in the Israeli-American society is not enough.

His philanthropic work has transcended borders in a tremendous way.


His Foundation is dedicated to supporting the people of Israel in America in different areas such as education as well as fostering good relations between the state of Israel and the US.



Krishen Iyer Explains Why Email Marketing Campaigns Can Be An Effective Tool For Businesses

Everyone nowadays uses email whether for their job, school, or personal use. Studies have concluded that most people enjoy seeing mail in their inbox. Companies can use this to their advantage by engaging in email marketing campaigns. Krishen Iyer is a businessman who can show insurance companies and individual agents how to do so in an effective and eye-catching manner.

He established Managed Benefit Services in Carlsbad, California, which is insurance lead generating service. Krishen Iyer specializes in health and dental insurance leads and also provides consulting services. He can create an effective email marketing campaign for his customers in addition to his other services. He says that a good marketing campaign can even be created in the healthcare industry using digital tools he has built.

In order for the email campaign to be effective, Krishen Iyer says that you need to follow some critical rules. If you follow these rules you can get a high rate of response and pick up new business. He says that his method gets a 65% favorability rating from women over age 65. Most people prefer being communicated to via email instead of through social media.

Krishen Iyer grew up in the state of California and is a 2004 graduate of San Diego State University. He earned a degree in public administration and then entered the insurance industry. He also became involved in real estate and founded Iyer Real Estate Holdings around that same time. His first insurance company was officially called MNP Insurance but it became more broadly known as Name My Premium.

A few years ago he launched a second insurance company named Quick Link Marketing. He soon changed the name to Managed Benefits Services because this name is closer to what he offers his clients. His firm is both a marketing company and a licensed insurance agency.

All you need to know about freedom checks

For the regular radio listeners, the concept of freedom checks may not be that new. Yo probably have heard of the checks commercial. Despite the regular commercials on the issue, many are still blind to what freedom checks actually are.

What are freedom checks?

According to Matt Badiali of Bayan Hill, the man behind the free checks, a freedom check is basically an investment opportunity that is free from taxation. It may sound like a scam when it is explained, however, the whole thing is supported by the Statute 26-F found on the federal law. This is how the whole idea works. In order to acquire a check, you need to make an initial investment of a certain amount that will also determine your return. The idea is basically to invest in master limited partnership from which the returns come from. A masters Limited Partnership is the complete opposite of the Limited Partnership. It offers investors all the tax benefits of a limited partnership with an additional advantage of a publicly traded company. The idea of Masters Limited Partnerships has been held as a secret between shrewd investors around the world hence the reason the term may seem new to many.

The Masters Limited Partnership is associated with tremendous amounts of returns. This is how they make it possible to get so many returns; first, they offer investors 90 percent of the profit in order to maintain their status and tax advantages. In addition, the checks are not subjected to the traditional laws of income taxation. What happens is that instead of paying the normal income tax, you only pay tax when you sell your shares. Despite this, the amount you have to pay for the tax upon the sale of shares is also way below the amount paid on income tax.

Once the investor begins earning returns, the company begins to distribute the freedom checks. The checks are mailed to the investors home or preferred address and can thereafter be cashed in the bank like regular checks. The investor can also have their brokers deposit their funds in their investment accounts.

Learn More: forexvestor.com/claim-freedom-checks

What the Herbalife Network Means

Many of you have probably heard of the well-known company Herbalife that develops, promotes, and sells its own line of nutritional products. In this article, I am going to tell you a little bit about the company, for those of you that don’t already know about it, and also, I am going to tell you about the new design competition that they currently have going on.


Herbalife is a global multilevel marketing company that was developed in 1980 by a man named Mark Hughes. It currently employs over 8000 people worldwide and is available in 95 countries. Herbalife has around 3.2 million independent distributors working for them. Herbalife has developed its own line of products and now promotes and sells these products while also coming up with new products. The products include nutritional supplements, weight management products, sports nutrition, and personal care products.


Herbalife along with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has come up with a design competition. FIDM is among the top schools for fashion on the planet and they along with Herbalife have chosen over 15 students to compete with each other in a design competition designing active-wear for Herbalife Nutrition’s independent distributors. As part of the competition, the students of FIDM will be able to attend the Herbalife annual meeting in Houston where they can reach out to Herbalife leaders about their lifestyles and get to more understand the distributors and customers. They will also have the chance to travel to fashion empires across the globe like Paris and Milan.


FIDM students will be split into different groups and challenged to not only come up with an active-wear collection that shows off an active and well-balanced lifestyle as a team, but also each individual is asked to come up with their own design. They will present their designs to the Herbalife Nutritional crew and FIDM teachers. This is an amazing opportunity for the students but is also great for Herbalife. This competition is currently ongoing and will run through the late spring of 2019.





PSI Pay – Leading Payment Industry Innovation in the UK

Cash was the first widely-accepted payment method. Credit cards, surprisingly, got their start in the 1950s, well before computers were easily available to businesses or consumers. The payment industry was left untouched for many years, with credit cards, debit cards, cash, and checks being the typical accepted payment methods. With online shopping and telephone orders came a whole new set of security protocols for the payments industry called PCI compliance. Now consumers have the ability to use their smartphones to pay, rather than having to dig through their wallets for a credit card, or even have their wallet on them at all. The payments industry is constantly changing, and one UK – a based financial solution is at the forefront of these changes.


For PSI-Pay, a UK payment solutions provider, one of the key challenges in payments industry innovation is regulations. PSI-Pay must remain compliant, but this can be difficult when current regulations do not apply to things such as paying with a smartphone. This can bring up discrepancies in the regulations. The company has faced some difficulties in the past, but have recently hired a new managing director – Phil Davies. Phil sees that the financial regulations are continuing to get more and more strict, but he embraces it. Phil sees this as an opportunity to strive to be better and more accurate with their work.


PSI-Pay and other payments industry companies are constantly innovating. More and more wearable tech devices are coming out, and it may not be long before a majority of consumers are using wearables. However, when considering using these devices for payments, keep in mind that this is a sector with a lot of regulations that are constantly changing. It is possible that a device could have payment capabilities and then all of a sudden lose them. Certain banks might not work with certain devices. All in all, consumers should look out for some bugs along the way when it comes to changes in the payments industry.





Felipe Montoro Jens remedy on stagnated infrastructure in Brazil

Latin America and especially Brazil has a higher number of stagnated infrastructure projects. Felipe Montoro Jens explores reasons for this sad reality. The infrastructure expert is of the view that infrastructure is essential in any country growth. Referring to an official government report, he explores all the dimensions of the stagnation issue. Find out more at consultasocio.com to learn more.

The expert first points out that the stagnated projects spread across all the essential facilities of a country. For example, the stagnation is rampant in the transportation sector, in hospitals and even in schools. According to Felipe Montoro Jens is not only disappointing but also unfavorable for the Brazilian economy.

The reasons for the stagnation and sluggishness in the completion of the projects according to him are vast. For example, Felipe Montoro Jens points out that some bureaucratic issues sometimes hugely contribute to slow construction and stagnation of infrastructure. In many instances, such problems as land compensation and budgetary complications have a considerable effect. Besides, other factors that make projects in Brazil stagnation include issues such as poor technology by the mandated company. If the technology is not up-to-date, there are high chances of the slow pace in the contraction.

Fortunately, Felipe Montoro Jens believes there is a set of remedies on this menace. One of the first remedy the expert advocates is to push both the constructors and the government to macro plan. Macro planning according to him sets everything clear before the project and eliminates distractions. Second, he advocates both the government and the contractor to evaluate the project dimensions. For the government, he advocates for awarding of able contractors regarding technology and ability of the company.

This series of studies according to Felipe will help the government to make better choices and eliminate wastage of the taxpayers’ money through completion of projects. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that the stagnated projects and the ongoing projects need a balance to avoid the same reality repeating itself.

Learn more: https://www.mundodomarketing.com.br/noticias-corporativas/conteudo/160655/investimentos-em-infraestrutura-sao-peca-chave-para-que-mato-grosso-amplie-sua-exportacao-de-soja-destaca-felipe-montoro-jens

Career Achievements of Flavio Maluf

A man filled with passion, Flavio Maluf is a well-known entrepreneur in Brazil. His father is a famous politician based in the country, and he has served as the stepping stone to his son’s career life, by offering him support. Flavio is the current CEO of Eucatex group, a firm that focuses on the manufacture and production of home furniture and repair of floors. The rewound businessman is rated among the most influential ones in the country, and he has continued to build his empire over the past years. He is unstoppable when it comes to meeting his goals, and he continues to inspire many people. Read more about Flavio Maluf at ideamensch.com

Flavio Maluf has also striven to share his counsel with other people concerning the field of investment, and he often takes part in analyzing all the factors that influence the economy of the country. According to recent reports from the secretariat of the agribusiness sector in the country, livestock exports in the country dropped by 0.7%, and this affected the entire economy and business world. According to the executive, the exports from the country were mainly shipped to China. The primary products shipped to the country include cellulose and soybeans. Besides, the European continent also appeared second in their export list, with orange juice, soybeans, and other products being shipped to their 28 countries.

The agribusiness sector marked a relative increase as compared to the previous year and according to the businessman, the government ought to implement stronger strategies to offer support to the producers, through the integration of sustainable development strategies. He believes that by encouraging the producers to continue working hard and assuring them of food security, the countries economy will keep rising. Flavio has continued to share his counsel with other people regarding the field of business, and he has also played a significant role in the implementation of high-end strategies for the favor of the country`s development.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/flavio-maluf