Paul Mamapilly, Investment Guru and Editor of Profits Unlimited

Paul Mamapilly is an American investor and former hedge fund manager who is the author of the investment research and advisory program Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited is a subscription-based program based on Mr. Mamapilly’s innovative style of investing, which helped him to win the Templeton Foundation investment competition earlier in his career. Profits Unlimited gives subscribers access to his model portfolio, and also provides them with weekly updates and trade alerts to help investors make significant profits.

As a member of Banyan Hill Publishing, Paul Mamapilly is the senior editor of Profits Unlimited as well as two other trading programs, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Mr. Mamapilly also writes a weekly column for Banyan’s newsletter, which is titled “Winning Investor Daily.” Prior to joining Banyan Hill, he worked on Wall Street for over twenty years, serving with major clients such as ING, Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International. Learn more about Paul on

In 2003, Paul Mamapilly founded the Capuchin Group, also known as Capuchinomics, a published research service that was focused on behavioral finance. The publication was widely read, but discontinued in August of 2006, when Mr. Paul Mamapilly moved to Kinetics to serve as a Senior Portfolio Manager. He revived the Capuchin name in 2013 when he founded Capuchin Consulting, an investment consultation firm that offers unique, profitable strategies for investing. He continues to work at Capuchin Consulting in the present day while also writing and editing publications for Banyan Hill. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Ideamensch.

Paul Mamapilly was born in India, and he moved to the United States as a young man to look for work in the financial sector. He received his undergraduate education at Hunter College and NYU in New York City before studying at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business, where he received his MBA in 1997. His first position after receiving his MBA was as a research assistant for Deutsche Bank, but he rose quickly through the ranks to become an account manager for ING and Bankers Trust. Successful personal investments of his include Facebook, Whole Foods and Netflix, along with several prominent pharmaceutical companies.


Student’s Are Building Social Connections Around The World Thanks To Class Dojo

Everyone knows how important education is for the youth of our country and that’s why there are many organizations and individuals out there dedicated to helping improve the quality of education that is available to all students. One of the fastest growing education platform’s that is helping improve the quality of education for students, not just in the U.S. but around the globe, is Class Dojo. While there are many learning platforms out there, that majority of them cost money and only focus on teaching students specific information. Class Dojo, however, is focused on improving the level of communication that students have with their teachers as well as their parents.

Through Class Dojo’s app, students are able to participate in the Class Board to share information and notes along with funny classroom moments and stories. Not only can students share with each other, but classrooms around the world can communicate and share videos with each other to help shows students the various cultures of the world. This kind of connection for young students helps them see the many similarities between themselves and other people around the world as well as the differences. In the future, international collaboration will come easiest to those who are open to people from all walks of life, making this kind of social connecting very important.

One of the main reasons to increase communication between students, parents, and teachers is because it allows for more effective learning in the classroom. Students that are engaged in their learning and have the support of their parents are proven to do better in their schooling. With Class Dojo, even parents with busy work schedules can take part in their child’s learning through the Class Dojo app. At all times of the day, teachers can directly contact parents through the app to keep them informed about their child’s work and what’s coming on the school calendar. Since Class Dojo first launched they have remained free of charge for all participants and will continue to remain free so all students can benefit from their program.

Michael Lacey Comments on Trump’s Pardon of Joe Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are no strangers to controversy. As the owners of The Phoenix New Times, they targeted one of the most controversial figures in politics: Joe Arpaio. The result of their investigation of Arpaio resulted in the exposure of some of Arpaio’s hidden assets. In turn, Arpaio sent his deputies to the journalists homes and had them arrested. Lacey and Larkin walked away from the ordeal with nearly 4 million dollars. The entire incident made national headlines.

Since winning the settlement, Lacey and Larkin have not hit the brakes. They no longer own The Phoenix New Times, but a new newspaper has been formed in its place: Front Page Confidential. Their new paper is no less controversial than their previous. Front Page Confidential also has Joe Arpaio in its figurative scope. Lacey and Larkin are using the paper as a way to educate and inform the American population about corrupt politicians like Joe Arpaio.

Who is Joe Arpaio?

Joe Arpaio is a former sheriff in Arizona, specifically Maricopa County. As sheriff, he lead Arizona down a path of destruction that is unmatched by any other local politician. He intends to break his own record by running for a Senate seat in 2018.

He has been accused of negligent homicide and assault. A woman was chained to a bed during pregnancy while in his care, and people have committed suicide while in his jails. One of his biggest immortal decisions happened only a year after he was first elected. He created a facility called Tent City that he described as a modern day concentration camp. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Victims of Arpaio finally believed they had received justice when Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt of court in 2017. It wasn’t long until they lost all hope for the justice system, however. Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio only 3 months after his conviction. Arpaio didn’t spend a single day in jail.

Larkin and Lacey React

After news broke of the pardon, the nation was outraged. It was bad enough that out of all the accused charges put forth against Arpaio, contempt of court was the only thing that stuck. It is a spit in the face to the victims of Arpaio that The President would pardon someone such as him.

“This is the perfect marriage of two corrupt individuals,” said Michael Lacey, referring to the pardoning. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Lacey contributes the pardon to Trump’s low approval ratings. The pardoning was just an attempt for Trump to hold on to the remaining supporters he has. “Trump’s approval rating is down around 30 percent,” Lacey said. “That 30 percent is going to like what he did.”

In addition to Front Page Confidential, the journalistic duo created The Frontera Fund. The fund is an attempt to counteract the damage Arpaio has done to the Hispanic community in Arizona. Lacey and Larkin support a large number of charities through The Frontera Fund.

Sahm Adrangi Issues Negative Outlook On Kodak

It’s not very often that a financial analyst issues a negative outlook on a stock. So it is a big deal when one of the best short-selling analysists on Wall Street goes sour on one of the fastest rising stock of the past year. That analyst, Sahm Adrangi recently issued a negative outlook on Kodak.

So why is Sahm Adrangi so negative on Kodak? After all, the stock has risen over 180% in the past few months. Well, it is that very price action, caused by Kodak’s announcement of a partnership with a blockchain imagine licensing platform, that has the analyst flashing a warning sign.

It is not surprising that any stock has risen so quickly after announcing a partnership with a blockchain company. There are many traditional companies that have seen their stock rise after announcing a partnership with anything related to blockchains or cryptocurrencies. What may be concerning Sham Adrangi is that the acceleration of Kodak’s rise may not be justified off of a simple announcement of a blockchain partnership.

Blockchain technology is mostly associated with cryptocurrency. However, this new technology can also be used for other applications such as licensing, smart contracts and proof of work. While the blockchain technology is innovative, it’s influence on a company’s stock price may be overestimated by the investing world.

In his note, Sahm Adrangi believes that Kodak’s announcement may simply be a gimmick to jump on the ICO bandwagon. Additionally, Mr. Adrangi believes that Kodak’s blockchain announcement may also be a smokescreen cover for the company’s recent poor performance and poor fundamentals. The full report on Sahm Adrangi’s negative outlook on Kodak can be view through this link.

Sahm Adrangi is the founder as well as the Chief Investment Officer for Kerrisdale Capital. As the inception of the firm, Mr. Adrangi managed just under $1 million in assets. Today, the firm now has over $150 under management. Mr. Adrangi and his firm as best known for short selling analysis. As of this writing, Kerrisdale Capital has a short position on Kodak.

Jason Hopes prediction of long, better life

When you hear of anti- aging, the first thing that comes to mind is living forever. Well, that’s not it. The new sector in medicine, rejuvenation biotechnologies, explains anti- aging as creating a longer, better quality of life. The norm is the older humans get, the higher their chances of dying. Animals like tortoise and hydras do not follow this pattern. In their case, the age of an individual does not contribute to its chances of dying. This is what SENS is trying to achieve through its research; a way to help humans live longer without battling diseases that shorten their life span and lower their quality of life.

Jason Hope an internet entrepreneur, has made himself a name by being a futurist and a philanthropist. He is mostly known for his involvement with SENS, a research institution that hopes to find a way for people to live longer and healthier. He has donated half a million to the institution, money that was used to build and equip its laboratory in Cambridge.

According to Jason’s explanation, human beings are like vehicles, the more you drive them, the more they wear down and finally break down. As people grow old, the very metabolic activities that are vital for their functionality wears their bodies down and makes them vulnerable to diseases. This is the reason why the older humans get, the more illnesses they seem to have. Even doctors have a whole group of illnesses they refer to as old- age- diseases. Up until recently, there was no way to prevent diseases. So doctors only dealt with them as they manifested.

SENS, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, consists of a team of doctors who have dedicated themselves to find a way to prevent these age- related diseases from ever occurring. They realised that there are AGE- breakers that are deposited in the skin over the years. These AGE- breakers cause the blood vessels and skin to lose their elasticity and weaken the body. Having realised one of the major causes of the aging symptoms, the researchers at SENS are channeling their efforts to remove these AGE- breakers from the skin.

Because of their vision and the steps they have already taken to realise it, Jason predicts the end of aging. Diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease will no longer be an issue since they will be kept from ever happening in the first place. This has inspired him to give not just his money, but time and energy towards the course.

Jason Hope’s Social Media:

Aloha Construction Gets the Job Done

Aloha Construction serves not only all of Illinois but southern Wisconsin as well. Their team of installers, supervisors, and inspectors have completed over 7000 projects and are a family-owned company. They have grown from being a successful but small construction company to a well-known contractor. Aloha Construction provides service for all of your flooring, siding, gutter, and downspout needs. You can always count on Aloha Construction to get the job done. Get details on Aloha Construction at Porch.

Aloha Construction offers roof replacement and installation of siding. They have your gutters and downspout systems covered too. If you’re faced with a project that was unexpected or just doesn’t fit the budget, they also offer financing.

Aloha Construction can service any roof whether it’s sloped, flat, has shingles, or any other material. They will follow a tried and tested process in order to evaluate the condition of your roof and will be able to advise you on the best method and materials to have installed. They will also be able to tell you about any possible attic ventilation, how much life is left of your roof, and will back up their work with a 10-year warranty.


They will also service your gutters and make sure that your downspout system is working properly. It’s important to keep water away from the foundation of your home because water can cause an array of unwanted problems. If you have standing water around your home you can also be looking at issues such as mold and mildew in crawlspaces or in your basement as well as concrete damage.

If you need your windows or screens replaced or if your Soffit or Fascia is in need of attention, they will take care of it. Aloha Construction employs only highly trained and professional contractors. Their team can handle many different projects and they will restore your home to its natural beauty and will help you to protect your investment by ensuring that everything is on good repair. Keeping up on your home’s maintenance will ensure that you get the curb appeal you want and that you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills. Learn more about Aloha Construction at Home Advisor.

The Distinguished Barbara Stokes

Green Structure Homes is a company that specializes in the provision of the modular wood frame and steel houses. GSA implements the using of state of the art technology and environmentally friendly homes which are structured to be energy efficient and cost friendly frequently having high budget accuracy. The GSA buildings are known to have a fast time track when it comes to the building of the homes. Usually, those who get to acquire these houses have an advantage of low maintenance and energy consumption levels.

The state of the art technology that is used in building these homes enables them to be resistant to a 130 mph hurricane, pest, and mildew. The houses are also customizable to a person’s desire and style; usually, these structures are available in single or multiple bedroom units. The exterior architecture consists typically of executive homes while the interior is different depending on the client’s preference. Quality assurance checks are typically made after every step of construction to ensure high-quality homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

GSH has been under the leadership of Barbara Stokes since 2011 where she holds the position of Chief Executive Officer in the company. Barbara has been helpful in the leadership role in the Alabama based company. Stokes wide range of skills in Disaster management has been a great help to the company where she has led several relief construction endeavors.

Stokes is a graduate of Mercer University where she pursued biomedical engineering. Barbara Stokes was able to obtain several skills while in the institution which include project management, project engineering, construction, government contracting and management. GSH under the leadership of Barbara stokes has been able to create several employment opportunities which have been helpful to the nearby community. Read this article at

GSH under the leadership of Stokes has been able to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with Skyline Corporation which is a parent of Skyline homes. The partnership will benefit GSH in such a way that it will be able to expand the home production to Kansa, Lancaster and Arkansas City. FEMA a customer to GSH will now be provided services of constructing the modular homes for support to those affected by natural disasters.


Former Israeli Diplomat-Daniel Taub

About Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub hails from the United Kingdom where he was born in 1962. He attended various schools including Universities College in Oxford, University College in London, and also Harvard University’s Kennedy school of government.

After schooling, he joined the Israel Defence Forces IDF where he served as a combat medic and in their international law division as a reserve officer. What’s more, the former Israeli diplomat is also an international lawyer. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Moreover, Daniel Taub began his career in the Israeli foreign minister in 1991, a factor that made him rise in ranks to hold one of the highest offices. Again, during his service in the Israeli foreign ministry, Daniel Taub held many positions including diplomatic and legal posts.

An instance is where he worked as the principal deputy legal adviser in Israel’s ministry of foreign affairs. Equally important, the former Israeli diplomat was also as a legal adviser during missions in United Nations in Geneva and New York.

Daniel Taub met her highness the queen in 2011 when was appointed as the ambassador of the State of Israeli to the court if St James’s.It was during his visit to the queen that he presented his credentials to the queen from the government of Jerusalem. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

As a staunch orthodox Jew , one thing stood out about his attire where he wore his Kippah complimented with a morning tailcoat, striped trousers, and shiny black shoes. Again, this meant that Mr. Taub had given out his British citizenship when he immigrated to Israel 30 years earlier.

Mr. Taub’s Works to the Israeli Community

Daniel Taub’s time as the Israeli diplomat lasted for four years, and during this time there was great economic growth. The trade between the two countries doubled while there was growth in the business sector, academic sector, and cultural links.

Further, Sajid Javid, the British secretary of state for business in innovation and skills added that during Mr. Taub’s tenure trade between the two countries entered its ‘golden era’. Again, statistics from the Israel – Britain chamber of commerce showed that the annual bilateral trade was over$5 billion.

Furthermore, Mr. Taub is a jack of all traits whereby he has been a peace negotiator, lecturer, public speaker and a writer as well. When Mr. Taub assumed office as the Israeli diplomat, it was during a midst of crisis where he presented Israel’s case to the government.

He also spread the information through the British media in a quest to help Israel from the turmoil in the Middle East. Additionally, Daniel Taub helped to unite the Jewish community in diaspora and Israel.

The Sterling Achievements of Israeli Diplomat Daniel Taub

Published media reports underscored the fact that trade between Israel and the United Kingdom flourished during the four-year term of former Ambassador of Israel to the UK Daniel Taub. The Embassy of Israel cited the significant improvement of business, academic, and cultural relations between the two nations during this period.

Golden Era of Trade between the Two Countries

During the recent British-Israeli Business Awards, the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Skills (Sajid Javid) pointed out that annual bilateral trade reached almost $7 billion as more than 300 Israeli enterprises established operations in the United Kingdom. Mr. Taub was born in the UK. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

He became the ambassador of Israel in 2011. At some point, Daniel Taub served as peace negotiator where he worked with his Palestinian equivalent in Northern Ireland.

In 2012 after the largest student union in Britain chose to boycott Israel, Daniel Taub said in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle that he became more concerned regarding the situation in certain universities. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Daniel Taub even cautioned administrators that all positions including views that expressed support for Israel need free expression without any fear of pressure. The Israeli ambassador boldly visited the City of Bradford even as Bradford’s representative to the British Parliament, George Galloway stated that the urban center as an Israel-Free Zone.

Professional Background and Education

Daniel Taub was born in 19632 in Great Britain. He studied at the University College (Oxford), University College (London), and Harvard University (Kennedy School of Government). He relocated to Israel in 1989 and rendered service as a combat medic in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Among Mr. Taub’s expertise include international law, laws of war, and counter-terrorism. At one time, Daniel Taub served as The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Principal Deputy Legal Advisor. He also acted as a legal mentor to various missions of Israel to the United Nations in Geneva (Switzerland) and New York USA.

Daniel Taub became an employee of the Israeli Foreign Ministry in 1991 and held different diplomatic and legal positions. He served as Ambassador to the UK from 2011 until 2015. At present, Mr. Taub heads the Yad Hanadiv Foundation as Director for Strategy and Planning.

The former ambassador earned his laurels as public speaker and lecturer. Many international media outlets like CNN, BBC, Sky News, and even the BBC Persian Service interviewed Daniel Taub, the first Israeli Ambassador to guest in this network on a variety of topics.

Fighting for the Rights of the People

End Citizens United is supporting Conor Lamb. The movement will be donating some funds to support their candidate. The movement had donated $600,000 to Dough Jones when he was vying for the Senate seat. Conor Lamb is vying for Congress as a Democrat to represent the district. The major challenge is that Pennsylvania has more Republicans considering President Trump won by 20 points. Conor is planning to get an unexpected victory despite Republican Party being popular there. End Citizen United was motivated by a practice that emerged during America’s election. In 2010, wealthy people were at liberty to donate and spend their money in campaigning and the elections. This was a liberty that was given by the Supreme Court. The only problem with this provision was that this money was never going to be traceable or accounted.

This loophole caused a lot of trouble because wealthy people began compromising integrity. Through their money, they believed they could influence power to work in their favor. For this reason End of Citizen United had to rise and fight this impunity. Money should not motivate people to exploit and abuse power. The movement is supported by some grassroots donors who came together for a common interest. The goal of this movement is to resume the former methods of financing campaigns and elections.

Make no mistake; such a group is capable of influencing and causing changes. It may be undermined because it looks like a group of ordinary people. People at the grass root level are the real voters. They have the power to make changes and creating reforms. These ordinary citizens have the power to compel lawmakers to make the necessary changes.

According to End Citizen United, it is completely unjust when a few people wealthy people determine the elections. One indicator of true democracy is free and fair elections. When a few people feeling entitled because of their money decide for the nation, it is not free and fair. Millions of average citizen have the capability of defeating a few wealthy people.

This movement was founded by James Bopp. He never pictured himself running a political action committee. He thought he was just going to work in the medical field. He soon switched to law and politics. His law career is about representing conservatism. Apart from End Citizens United, Bopp has also been with Indiana Right to Life and National Right to Life.

End Citizens United is about fairness to all people. The issue of few individuals having dominion over the majority is a long gone practice. People must not just watch when their rights and freedoms are slowly taken away. They must strive and fight for equality because it is their entitlement. James Bopp is a strong believer in this fact, and he is enthusiastic to support it.