How Market America Compares to Being a Freelancer

While making passive income from Market America in most cases will beat a regular hourly paying job, it may face some stiff competition from freelancing. There are a ton of similarities between earning passive income and being a freelancer. One thing that Market America and freelancing share in common is that they allow people to work at any time. People can also take a lot of time off from their work and not worry about losing their jobs. This is where the similarities tend to end in most cases. When it comes to the differences, it is up to the individual to decide what type of advantage he wants.

When it comes to being a freelancer, the main difference is that the individual is paid based on the type of work he gets done. If he gets a lot of work done, then he is going to get paid a lot. This is a huge advantage over hourly wage jobs. For one thing, he is not going to be milked for his hours. This means that if he does a lot more work, he is going to be paid more than when he does sparing amounts of work. However, one disadvantage is that if the person stops working, the money stops coming in.

When it comes to earning passive income from Market America, the individual will be able to build his income. After he stops working, he is likely to keep gaining money because he is promoting a product and is paid based on the sales his link makes. The only disadvantage is that the freelancer will start making money right away while it could take time for a user to build passive income. Even a penny can take a while to make with passive income. Fortunately, Market America knows how to train people so that they will be able to cut down on the time it takes to make money.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Offer Opportunities for Minorities

As activists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin always wanted to do the best job to help those in need. They work with minorities to give them a chance at a better future because they know how hard people work to just survive in an environment that can be difficult. They care about minorities and want to help them have better lives.

For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the point of doing all this is making sure the minorities have a better life than what they had before they came to the men through the Frontera Fund.

When Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided on the Frontera Fund, they knew they had to do something that would help others. They knew it was a good idea to try things that would give back to communities that didn’t normally have a lot of help. The men made sure they could show people how things would get better and how everything would change depending on the hard work they put into different situations.

It was their idea to give back to people and show them how everything changed based on the options they had. The men liked helping people and felt good about giving them the experiences that would change who they were in different instances. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Minorities know that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin do their best to help. They often come to the Frontera Fund for the help they need. The men made sure minorities knew they always had a place there.

They also made sure minorities knew about the services available. For them to do all of this, the men felt they were an important part of bringing change where they normally struggled with different things. It was their goal of giving back that helped them through the different things they did.

As long as minorities needed help, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew what to do. They felt it was part of their job as activists to help others out and give back to entire communities. Even when things got difficult, the men made sure they were doing everything right.

They had a lot of faith in their skills and hope for the future. If they planned on making things better, they had to continue with the level of faith they had so people could see what was happening to the changes in the minority world. Learn more about Larkin and Lacey: and

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are even able to relate to minorities because of a situation they dealt with. They were treated unfairly by a sheriff just for voicing their opinions.

The sheriff was unfair and had them arrested even though they are protected under the freedom of speech. He knew he was doing something wrong and did it anyway.

Unlike minorities, though, they fought back. It’s part of what inspired them to push forward to help minorities. They knew other people didn’t have the money they needed to fight against people like Joe Arpaio so they wanted to offer that opportunity to them through Frontera.

Louis Chenevert Is a Proven Top Leader

IdeaMensch recently conducted an interview with Louis Chenevert, the former Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This interview focused on Louis Chenevert’s career prior to and during his time with United Technologies. The questions touched on subjects such as Louis Chenevert’s philosophy of leadership principles, what changes at UTC during Louis Chenevert’s tenure drove their continuing successes and how some facets of his leadership would be different if he was starting anew.

While at UTC, Louis Chenevert instituted new strategies for production efforts. Instead of outsourcing most of the company’s work to overseas factories, UTC and Louis Chenevert moved production into the United States, believing that cheap labor overseas would result in cheaply made products. Subsequent production was concentrated in Connecticut where the top talent could work with the plant workforce to eliminate problems and produce their best results efficiently. Common wisdom at the time was opposed to this type of approach, but UTC was able to survive during the recession and ultimately see its share prices increase from $37 a share to $117 a share under Louis Chenevert’s leadership.

One of the most profound impacts that Louis Chenevert had on UTC while CEO was in engineering the acquisition of the Goodrich Corporation, an aerospace manufacturing company that had been the largest rubber manufacturer in the world prior to becoming an aerospace company. The purpose of acquiring Goodrich was to have an internal producer of aircraft components, which would reduce production costs. The acquisition process took a year to negotiate and plan, and in 2011, UTC bought Goodrich Corporation for $18.4 billion and merged it with another division to ultimately become UTC aerospace systems. This placed UTC in a position to become a multinational conglomerate with a greater influence in the world market.

The last question IdeaMensch asked Louis Chenevert was what was one important strategy that helped him increase the business footprint of UTC. Louis Chenevert answered that a relentless focus, eliminating roadblocks, keeping an open mind and keeping personal contact with the workforce was always his goal. Louis Chenevert also said that surrounding oneself with winners was important, as a leader can only be as good as his or her team. Currently, Louis Chenevert is semi-retired and serves as a Exclusive Advisor with Goldman Sachs, and his proven expertise continues to be valuable.

William Saito Brings Notes for Entrepreneurs from a Career as a Venture Capitalist

William Saito it is all about securing venture capitalist money in the very beginning. So many people have great ideas of what they want to do when they get into business, but none of this can be done without capitalists that are willing to invest in the idea. So this becomes the main thing that people must focus on. It is all about appearance and presentation.

There are a ton of startup businesses where the entrepreneurs have a great idea, but they may not know how to relay this idea that they have. If they do not know anything about creating a presentation to get the venture capitalists interested they are not going to thrive with this business idea. This is what William Saito wants people that have startup businesses to realize. They need to know that they need that money from the sources that are going to help them finance the idea that they are trying to bring forth.

The best thing about being a venture capitalist is that you get to hear amazing ideas and chose the ones that you are passionate about. That is how William Saito views life for the venture capitalist. For the entrepreneur, however, the startup business is all about finding the right venture capitalist to invest in your idea. From this angle, the entrepreneur with the startup clearly has the more difficult task.

Sometimes venture capitalists do not get the idea. This is where the job can get complicated for an entrepreneur. It is their job to actually make the venture capitalist see what they may be missing with this type of concept that they are presenting. It is the job of the entrepreneur to make the venture capitalist see how this concept can work, whatever that concept may be.

Preparation is the way to get to the money. William Saito believes that this is vital because financial turmoil can lead to incomplete projects. Incomplete projects can yield poor marketing campaigns and a lack of customer response to the new business. This is a domino effect in the worse possible way. It is better to get multiple venture capitalists to make sure that your public offering to the world is a good one the first time around. Consumers are a lot less forgiving if you have not presented your business as one that has staying power the first time around. This is rarely a chance for a do-over so William Saito believes that the person that is prepared is the one that rises to the top.

He is a leader in IT security and technology, but he knew that he could not become a great Japanese businessman without piquing the interest of venture capitalists.

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The Importance of Kamil Idris and Intellectual Property

Ever since the dawn of time, humans have always done what they can to survive. We began to evolve and so did our brains, and we found a way to live longer, to grow in population, and to connect to each other.

Kamil Idris used to be the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Director General. Intellectual property law is extremely important because without it we would not be able to evolve as a species.

People don’t really understand why intellectual property law/rights is important. Kamil Idris states that with intellectual property rights, humans were able to rapidly evolve by creating such things like the Internet, we can advance in science and technology, we can gather more information about many things such as economic development, and the interdependence of nations.

Kamil Idris worked alongside the United States Congress as well to promote American ingenuity. He believed that the importance of intellectual property was that we can deal with global issues by developing technologies that can handle global issues and to broadcast it so that the world can see and possibly help. Intellectual property can entertain and unite people, by watching things like sports and learning how to stop global warming.

As WIPO’s Director General, Kamil Idris would also donate his salary for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV) to developing countries. He believed that it was important for intellectual property to increase because it gave additional information to the economists about the way a Nation would use it. With intellectual property we were able to obtain the rate of the creativity and modification of how people would adapt intellectual property to financially benefit them. These results displayed why some countries would advance while others wouldn’t.

As a species that constantly evolves, humans have always used intellectual property to advance. First we created the wheel to travel, and then we created the airplane to air travel. We drew in caves, then we created the printing press to write, and now we have the Internet at our fingertips. And it’s thanks to people like Kamil Idris for helping us to continue to advance.

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Modern Canvassing By NGP VAN

One of the most effective way campaign reach out to potential voters, and existing supporters is through a method called door-to-door canvassing. This method of campaigning involves campaign volunteers going from door-to-door in the hopes of getting existing voters out to the ballot boxes and persuading others to support their candidate.

This practice of campaigning isn’t new. Many non-profit organizations and religious groups have used this method for years to the point that most Americans are used to it by now. The average home-owner has openly engaged in these sort of dialogues from their front doors. More recently, however, Stanford and UC Berkeley did a survey a foundation that for every 800 doors knocked on, only one voter was converted. This result isn’t to say that canvassing is dead, but rather some sort of innovation is definitely required.

That’s where NGP VAN comes into play. Their modern software platform helps ensure that a campaign can be run with all the needed tools for the digital age, while also streamlining and refining a tried and true method of converting voters that isn’t completely lost.

Starting at $45 a month, Democratic campaigns are provided with everything they need for success. NGP VAN offers a demo of their specialized solutions, deployment, training, and support. Their platform also includes campaign analysis, contact management, demographic data, and mapping to name a few.

With NGP VAN campaigns under the Democratic Party can efficiently utilize their support base, their funds, and resources to effectively reach out to potential voters through door-to-door canvassing in ways not possible before the advent of the internet. With the power of social media at their fingertips, NGP VAN can provide much-needed information to organizers to better inform them of issues voters and potential voters have to better shape their campaigns into a successful one.

NGP VAN is ripe for making any campaign a successful one, as proof by many notable candidates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders who all used the service in their campaign. Their outreach was extensive as proof to which Obama won both of his elections, Clinton and Sanders both made it very far in their own respective campaigns.

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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff – The Topsy Turvy World Of Sean Penn

Bob Honey is Sean Penn’s alter ego but is a different version of Penn. The reviewers of Penn’s book, which are highly critical, report that Penn’s point of view is sometimes confusing and incomprehensible. Before one reads or fully understands Penn’s Bob Honey, one should know that Penn is considered a brilliant actor and is well known as a controversial social rebel, which Penn as much admits. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Penn’s complicated stream of consciousness and is as much about Penn’s life speaking through Bob Honey, who is a Baby Boomer.

Penn’s apparent heroes are Thomas Pynchon and Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson was a counterculture writer who wrote in the first person where the author was the protagonist and was well known for his social criticism and satire. Pynchon is an American novelist and is known as a reclusive celebrity that has written complex profound novels.

Sean Penn has lived dangerously and is fascinated with complex characters. He developed a relationship with El Chapo who is a ruthless Mexican drug lord who is well known for murdering anyone that opposed him. Penn interviewed El Chapo. In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Penn has an El Chapo character named Fletcher, an assassin, who befriended Bob. Penn also has an affinity towards Hugo Chavez.

Penn made many not so veiled unflattering comments about President Trump without saying the President’s name and refers to the NRA, “alternative facts,” “Russia” and the Republican National Convention. Penn’s political preference is a Democrat and not Republican. Bob raises such controversial issues as the killing of the five police officers in Dallas in which Bob blamed the media for encouraging the murder of police.

While Penn’s views are to the left of Bob, Bob’s views seem to follow an Archie Bunker logic as he expresses his anger about the condition of the world. But Penn’s worldview appears to see-saw since he is the true protagonist and not Bob and Penn may have written an autobiography, while the reviewers do not give Penn any credit for his writing style but mock his style.

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Matt Badiali: Investment Potential In Platinum For 2018

For individuals who are interested in increasing their investment positions within the commodities market, it can be difficult to know where to look for the right information on profitable investment positions. This is made much more simple with the help of Banyan Hill Publishing Company’s leading his neck a resource expert Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali has a unique combination of knowledge and expertise that he has developed over his dual career as a trained scientist and financial industry expert. Read this article at

Matt Badiali originally went to school and received a bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences. He was continuing on the path of higher education and received his Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in geology. He was teaching geology classes at the University of North Carolina while pursuing his Ph.D. whenever he was contacted with an offer to join a research team by a member of the finance industry. As part of this team Matt Badiali to be responsible for investigating potential investment opportunities in the natural resource sector.

Matt Badiali was soon traveling the world in search of new investment opportunities by observing firsthand the operation of the various corporations in the mining, energy, and agricultural industries. Today Matt Badiali is a prolific writer for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he works to inform his readers on new and profitable investment opportunities in the natural resource sectors.


He has recently written about a potential investment opportunity in one of the most popular metals of all time. This metal is not copper, and it is not gold. This metal is platinum. The law of supply and demand dictate the price of just about any stock or commodity, and platinum is subject to these laws. Over the last several years the price of platinum has decreased to nearly 40% of its initial value in 2011. Matt Badiali believes that this trend will reverse in 2018. In 2018 the demand for platinum will increase by around 2% according to analysts. At the same time as this increase in the demand for platinum, surveys indicate that supply will fall by 1% leading to a deficit of around 250,000 ounces of platinum. Normally a deficit such as this would increase the amount of individuals willing to sell platinum however with the price sitting at one of the lowest points in the last several years this most likely will not happen. Matt Badiali expects that you could see platinum prices rise up to 25% over the next year.

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Roberto Santiago Ensuring People Of City Of Joao Pessoa Enjoy Their Time at Manaira Shopping Mall

There are many entrepreneurs in Brazil, but one of the most popular is Roberto Santiago. The achievements of Roberto Santiago in the field of real estate and stock market investments are just tremendous. One of the most critical and famous achievements of Roberto Santiago is the construction of Manaira Shopping Mall in the capital of the state of Paraiba of Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall is the biggest in the city and the state and is visited by thousands of people each day. It has just about everything the people of the city wanted. These days it is crucial for the metropolitan cities to have shopping malls as people need urban places to hang out, shop and eat. Shopping malls are the perfect example of the evolution of the society and are also a kind of community center where people from all backgrounds and ages come to spend some quality times with their loved ones.


Roberto Santiago has years of experience in the real estate industry, and he has used his expertise in the development of the Manaira Shopping Mall. The Mangabeira Shopping Mall was his first venture, and it was hugely appreciated by the people as well as the industry experts for its innovativeness and creativity. The Mangabeira Shopping Mall had the reflection of the Brazilian architecture as well as modern western influence, and the amalgamation is what helped make the mall a complete success among the locals. Roberto Santiago used his expertise in the field and the experience he gathered by developing Mangabeira Shopping Mall to develop Manaira Shopping Mall on even a grander scale.


Roberto Santiago has made no compromises in the development of the Manaira Shopping Mall and has used the best possible raw materials for the construction of the mall to give it that elegant and modern touch. He monitors the maintenance of the Manaira Shopping Mall to ensure that all his effort of developing the world class mall doesn’t go in vain. The Manaira Shopping Mall has a food court that is the place where one can get just about any cuisine they want, whether it is Indian food you are craving or authentic Brazilian food.


The gourmet section of the Manaira Shopping Mall has several restaurants, which includes the Capital Steak House, a restaurant that is known to serve some of the best steaks in the city. It is a restaurant that has won several food awards in the city and in the state and is highly popular among the people in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira Shopping Mall also has movie theatres, shopping center, bank, college, gym, park, food court, kids’ zone, gaming zone, bowling alley, café, snacks center, candy corner, and much more. People can spend hours on end at Manaira Shopping Mall without getting bored.

A Brief of Brazil’s Passionate Real Estate Executive, José Auriemo Neto

After graduating from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo, José Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993. HE is the current CEO of JHSF Par and JHSF Participacoes SA, a residential and commercial property real estate developer in Brazil. Recognizing the growth in Brazil’s current market, he has overseen the company develop brand interests in hotels, and office buildings developments. José Auriemo Neto is the administrator of the group’s retail and shopping department in addition to the Cidade Jardim shopping complex in the city of Säo Paulo, the Manaus’ Ponta Negra shopping Centre and the Bela Vista found in Salvador and more

The upcoming executive developed Parkbem, JHSF’s parking lot management firm service department in 1997, whose success secured his rights to build Shopping Santa Cruz, a JHSF debut shopping destination. His visionary leadership skills were helpful in the initial 2009 retail business that included opening a luxurious brands retail outlet in partnership with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. This was followed in 2012 by the R.E.D. Valentino stores, a collaboration with Valentino.

JHSF Participacoes SA is an innovator of unique and quality sustainable solutions having to be in business for five years and operating internationally in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and in New York and Miami in the US. Under his leadership, the company has embraced and enforced sustainability efforts in all phases of its projects, with Cidade Jardim Corporate Center, one of Brazil’s most significant sustainable project being certified for high-quality environmental conservation. José Auriemo Neto has led JHSF Participacoes SA into partnerships with other entities such as Sustenta Telecom and Sustenta Energia, as a diversification plan.

José Auriemo Neto has served as executive chairman of the group up to 2011, has been a board member of executive officers since 2009, and as the director since 2006. He is a member of the YPO where he served as an executive officer from 2003 to 2005.