Beneful – The Definition of Premium Dog Foods

Beneful opened its doors in 2001. Beneful sells food products specifically for dogs. Their products include canned dog food, wet and dry dog foods. Beneful also sells various snack treats for dogs. In June 2005 Beneful released the Beneful Healthy Harvest product line whose main ingredient featured soy rather than meat.

In March 2006 Beneful definition introduced their multipurpose packaging. The containers served as a dog food bowl and container and were featured at the Showcase of Packaging Innovations in 2007.

Right now Beneful’s line includes kibble sized IncrediBites, Healthy Harvest Line, Various snacks, Grain Free, and Salmon Dog Food Products.


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  1. Started in 2001, this product has added much more joy to families as it has made their pets grow healthier. No doubt over the years, according to bestessay reviews, Beneful has showcased different healthy dog food products. Before I started feeding my pet with Beneful, my dog was forced to eat whatever I provide. However, after I discovered Beneful, I bet you would like to steel my dog.

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