The Fagali’I Airport – Bring The Kids Along On Your Trip To Apia

Do you have a liking for surfing, scuba diving, rock sliding, and other exciting water activities? Every season of the year, Apia is a booming market for vacationers to enjoy fun under the sun. Weather averages 85 degrees all year long, so winter time is a perfect time to come on in to Apia and enjoy some good al’ Samoan fun! The family will absolutely love the exciting outcomes of visiting this destination.

The kids seem to always get a kick out of visiting a place that is warm in the winter time. As most of the world’s weather is usually cold during winter months, a place like Apia can give the kids a new experience that they’ve never had before according to Not only is the warm weather a bonus for the kids, but how well received they are to the Samoan community.

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The Samoan culture is known for its unique style of dancing, craft making and foods. What better fun is it for the Samoan kids of Apia to dance, sing and celebrate with your little ones. Definitely a picture worth a thousand and one words. Rock sliding is another fun activity for the kids according to The list goes on, but you are probably aware of the many exciting activities to enjoy, as Apia is the highest rated vacationing spots where kids have the most fun. Below is a list of some of the most exciting activities for kids to enjoy in Apia and surrounding territories, just incase you don’t know:

* Scuba Diving
* Rock Sliding
* Snorkelling and Picnicking in a Cave Pool
* Lalomanu Crater Walk where Flying Foxes Lives
* Touring the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum
* Watching traditional Samoan Dancing
* Watching Samoan Cricket
* Shopping for unique Samoan toys
…the list goes on.
Kids love it here and so will you!

Fly on in to the Fagali’I Airport. You will have the pleasures of a friendly customer service staff. And, if you are in need of currency exchange services, a market is available to convert your country’s currency into crisp clean Samoan Tala bills. Just ask a representative to point you in the right direction. Samoan Tala is the official currency of Apia.

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