Student’s Are Building Social Connections Around The World Thanks To Class Dojo

Everyone knows how important education is for the youth of our country and that’s why there are many organizations and individuals out there dedicated to helping improve the quality of education that is available to all students. One of the fastest growing education platform’s that is helping improve the quality of education for students, not just in the U.S. but around the globe, is Class Dojo. While there are many learning platforms out there, that majority of them cost money and only focus on teaching students specific information. Class Dojo, however, is focused on improving the level of communication that students have with their teachers as well as their parents.

Through Class Dojo’s app, students are able to participate in the Class Board to share information and notes along with funny classroom moments and stories. Not only can students share with each other, but classrooms around the world can communicate and share videos with each other to help shows students the various cultures of the world. This kind of connection for young students helps them see the many similarities between themselves and other people around the world as well as the differences. In the future, international collaboration will come easiest to those who are open to people from all walks of life, making this kind of social connecting very important.

One of the main reasons to increase communication between students, parents, and teachers is because it allows for more effective learning in the classroom. Students that are engaged in their learning and have the support of their parents are proven to do better in their schooling. With Class Dojo, even parents with busy work schedules can take part in their child’s learning through the Class Dojo app. At all times of the day, teachers can directly contact parents through the app to keep them informed about their child’s work and what’s coming on the school calendar. Since Class Dojo first launched they have remained free of charge for all participants and will continue to remain free so all students can benefit from their program.