What the Herbalife Network Means

Many of you have probably heard of the well-known company Herbalife that develops, promotes, and sells its own line of nutritional products. In this article, I am going to tell you a little bit about the company, for those of you that don’t already know about it, and also, I am going to tell you about the new design competition that they currently have going on.


Herbalife is a global multilevel marketing company that was developed in 1980 by a man named Mark Hughes. It currently employs over 8000 people worldwide and is available in 95 countries. Herbalife has around 3.2 million independent distributors working for them. Herbalife has developed its own line of products and now promotes and sells these products while also coming up with new products. The products include nutritional supplements, weight management products, sports nutrition, and personal care products.


Herbalife along with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising has come up with a design competition. FIDM is among the top schools for fashion on the planet and they along with Herbalife have chosen over 15 students to compete with each other in a design competition designing active-wear for Herbalife Nutrition’s independent distributors. As part of the competition, the students of FIDM will be able to attend the Herbalife annual meeting in Houston where they can reach out to Herbalife leaders about their lifestyles and get to more understand the distributors and customers. They will also have the chance to travel to fashion empires across the globe like Paris and Milan.


FIDM students will be split into different groups and challenged to not only come up with an active-wear collection that shows off an active and well-balanced lifestyle as a team, but also each individual is asked to come up with their own design. They will present their designs to the Herbalife Nutritional crew and FIDM teachers. This is an amazing opportunity for the students but is also great for Herbalife. This competition is currently ongoing and will run through the late spring of 2019.





Customers Power The Rise Of Fabletics

The Fabletics brand is more than just one of the fastest rising Online retail brands in the world as it is also changing the entire face of retailing at a time when Main Street is expected to be shrinking. Fabletics has harnessed the power of customer reviews and the image of its main brand ambassador and founding partner, Kate Hudson to become the main rival to the continued dominance of Amazon as the world’s leading Online retailer; in other areas, Fabletics has continued to push the boundaries of retail with a move towards providing the best options for the use of big data and making the opening of physical locations some of its main aims.


The journey to joining the Fabletics brand begins with the completion of a lifestyle quiz which has become a fun and enjoyable aspect of joining the Fabletics membership group. After completing the lifestyle quiz a new member of Fabletics will be given a range of options of different clothing items to purchase in a fast and easy way.


The customer service and last mile options are among the most important parts of the Fabletics brand which has been improved upon under the influence of Kate Hudson as she looks for new ways of exploring the business she joined upon establishment in 2013. The actress who shot to fame in “Almost Famous” admits she had little business experience when she joined Fabletics but has embarked upon a steep learning curve which has allowed her to become an integral part of the business in terms of quality control, design, and marketing.


The personal journey of Kate Hudson reflects that of the Fabletics brand in many ways because of the issue of overcoming the giant of Online retailing, Amazon. Like many new entrants to Online retailing, Fabletics is looking to take advantage of big data and the power of customer reviews; more than 80 percent of Online shoppers admit they trust customer reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member. The inclusion of customer reviews for individual products and the brand as a whole is not limiting the company to attracting new members but also allows the brand to build higher ranking on global and local Google searches all important to growing a new brand.

The Frustrations Of One Beyond The Size Limits And How Fabletics Solves Them

It is a common thing for people to be faced with concerns with size when they go shopping for clothes. For one thing, people have to look through the sections with the clothes that they are interested in in order to find something that fits them well or how they want it to fit them. While this is common, some people have it worse than others. A lot of the people that can easily find the items they want in their size are those that are smaller in size. The ones that have the biggest struggles in finding their styles are those that are very big.


One of the reasons that this is very frustrating is that larger people have to forget about all of the very interesting styles that they have seen in stores. Then when they find stores that offer clothes in their styles, they see that a lot of these clothes tend to be rather basic and boring. Also, it is hard to find clothes that fit just right because of the limit in clothes available for different body types. Therefore, larger people often find themselves in a frustrating bind when it comes to fashion.


Fortunately, the staff of Fabletics have seen the challenges that people were faced with because of their size. Therefore, they have made a lot of efforts to bring forth the changes to the industry. The all-inclusive initiative of Fabletics is a commitment to serving people of all sizes. This is one advantage that Fabletics has over fast fashion companies. Many of the fast fashion companies that bring forth very unique and fun designs for both men and women tend to be very limited in size. As a matter of fact, fast fashion stores tend to cater to the smaller crowd. This leaves more frustration for larger people.


Fabletics looks at all of the areas of fashion in order to find where they can reach. This brand of TechStyle is all about taking risks and learning what works for people. They are very passionate about reaching people who have otherwise been left out of the enjoyment of fashion. People should not have to be left with just the basic t-shirt and bland suits just because they are larger than average. Fabletics brings some great size to the fashion industry with the very exciting designs that can amaze customers and even capture the imagination of others.