The Importance of Kamil Idris and Intellectual Property

Ever since the dawn of time, humans have always done what they can to survive. We began to evolve and so did our brains, and we found a way to live longer, to grow in population, and to connect to each other.

Kamil Idris used to be the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Director General. Intellectual property law is extremely important because without it we would not be able to evolve as a species.

People don’t really understand why intellectual property law/rights is important. Kamil Idris states that with intellectual property rights, humans were able to rapidly evolve by creating such things like the Internet, we can advance in science and technology, we can gather more information about many things such as economic development, and the interdependence of nations.

Kamil Idris worked alongside the United States Congress as well to promote American ingenuity. He believed that the importance of intellectual property was that we can deal with global issues by developing technologies that can handle global issues and to broadcast it so that the world can see and possibly help. Intellectual property can entertain and unite people, by watching things like sports and learning how to stop global warming.

As WIPO’s Director General, Kamil Idris would also donate his salary for the Protection of Plant Varieties (UPOV) to developing countries. He believed that it was important for intellectual property to increase because it gave additional information to the economists about the way a Nation would use it. With intellectual property we were able to obtain the rate of the creativity and modification of how people would adapt intellectual property to financially benefit them. These results displayed why some countries would advance while others wouldn’t.

As a species that constantly evolves, humans have always used intellectual property to advance. First we created the wheel to travel, and then we created the airplane to air travel. We drew in caves, then we created the printing press to write, and now we have the Internet at our fingertips. And it’s thanks to people like Kamil Idris for helping us to continue to advance.

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