Bruno Fagali Is Promoting Integrity In Legal Practice

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian attorney. He is the founder of Fagali Advocacy, a law firm that specializes in public law, election, compliance and anti-corruption for social equality. Bruno is highly experienced in public and anti-corruption law. Over the years, he has handled numerous cases involving administrative contracts, civil liability processes, regulatory law, biding law, public civil actions, expropriation issues and popular actions. The increase in cases of corruption associated with public funds has seen Bruno Fagali establish innovative solutions to manage the problem. He advocates for integrity in the companies that secure government contracts.

Lately, many people have been seeking his services due to the recent corruption scandals. He advocates for transparency in different corporations through training and promoting adherence to ethical standards. In addition, Bruno Fagali works as a corporate integrity manager for Nova/sb, a renowned advertising firm in Brazil. The corporation works on advertising campaigns from the government and international organizations like International Labor Organization and World Health Organization. Bruno Fagali played a major role in the implementation of the corporate integrity program that involves training teams from Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. Nova/sb ranks as the first advertising company in the industry to implement the code of conduct that fully complies with the Anti-corruption Law.

He also implemented equal treatment for both the members and employees. Bruno was in charge of special training program on integrity. He passed this information to the company’s employees based in different offices. In the initial stages of his career, Bruno Fagali worked as an intern for various law firms. Before establishing his own firm, he served as an attorney for Radi, Associados Advocacia and Calil. Bruno graduated with a degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. Bruno Fagali is an active member of the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics. He also serves as a committed associate of the Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics.