Desiree Perez’s Cool Moves Are Putting Tidal On The Music Map
In a recent Billboard article, a group of individuals in the entertainment industry were spotlighted as the digital and Tech influencers of 2017. Technology and music is a big business in the United States resulting in an 11.4% rise in digital and Tech sales bringing annual music sales to $7.65 billion dollars in 2016. This percentage was the largest rise in sales since 1998.

The group of 50 persons influencing today’s media and Tech driven markets were picked for their ability to handle the issues of growing streaming and media services: data management problems, fair pricing for customers, and providing emerging business patterns. One of the group of fifty is Desiree Perez. MS. Perez manages “TIDAL”, a streaming music service that is not as large as some of their competitors but has recently scored some big wins. Sprint acquired about 33% of TIDAL for a reported $200 million dollars. The streaming service will also be offered to Sprint customers, roughly 45 million customers.

On June 30th Jay-Z’s 4:44 was released, first to existing TIDAL customers, then to sprint customers before dropping onto other services and to the general public. TIDAL is also running exclusive deals for Jay-Z concert tickets in conjunction with dropping his album. After a full roll-out of Jay-Z’s album, it hit number one on the billboard charts. These two deals have helped put TIDAL on stable business ground and Desiree Perez has been instrumental in bringing these deals to the table. MS. Perez has a reputation for strong managerial skills, leadership, accounting, and very strong negotiation skills. To read the article in its entirety, please click here.