Modern Canvassing By NGP VAN

One of the most effective way campaign reach out to potential voters, and existing supporters is through a method called door-to-door canvassing. This method of campaigning involves campaign volunteers going from door-to-door in the hopes of getting existing voters out to the ballot boxes and persuading others to support their candidate.

This practice of campaigning isn’t new. Many non-profit organizations and religious groups have used this method for years to the point that most Americans are used to it by now. The average home-owner has openly engaged in these sort of dialogues from their front doors. More recently, however, Stanford and UC Berkeley did a survey a foundation that for every 800 doors knocked on, only one voter was converted. This result isn’t to say that canvassing is dead, but rather some sort of innovation is definitely required.

That’s where NGP VAN comes into play. Their modern software platform helps ensure that a campaign can be run with all the needed tools for the digital age, while also streamlining and refining a tried and true method of converting voters that isn’t completely lost.

Starting at $45 a month, Democratic campaigns are provided with everything they need for success. NGP VAN offers a demo of their specialized solutions, deployment, training, and support. Their platform also includes campaign analysis, contact management, demographic data, and mapping to name a few.

With NGP VAN campaigns under the Democratic Party can efficiently utilize their support base, their funds, and resources to effectively reach out to potential voters through door-to-door canvassing in ways not possible before the advent of the internet. With the power of social media at their fingertips, NGP VAN can provide much-needed information to organizers to better inform them of issues voters and potential voters have to better shape their campaigns into a successful one.

NGP VAN is ripe for making any campaign a successful one, as proof by many notable candidates like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders who all used the service in their campaign. Their outreach was extensive as proof to which Obama won both of his elections, Clinton and Sanders both made it very far in their own respective campaigns.

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