Alex Pall Wants To Be Recognized As A True Artist

Many people who love to write and sing songs also look for ways to connect with others. They want to share what is deep inside of them. This is a common experience for musical artists. Alex Pall is someone who has been part of the music scene for the last several years. During this time, he’s becoming increasingly determined to be seen not only as someone who makes music but also someone who can create art. He and his partner in music Andrew Taggart have taken the world of music by storm and crafted amazing soundscapes that have wide appeal. They are not content to stand still. The duo, known to the world as the Chainsmokers, look for ways to add a human element to all they do. Their goal is to take a form of music that is often seen as deeply impersonal and add a personal element to it. As two of the most recognized names in dance music, they are part of the music scene but also look at it from a different angle entirely.

No Longer Beat Crafters

Unlike some other contemporary artists who often choose to retreat from the public and from their fans, the same cannot be said of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. While they embrace success, they want something more. The duo aims to be seen as people and artists instead of a faceless force grinding out beat after beat. Each time they write a song, they aim to think about ways they can help reveal more of themselves to those who love what they do. They want to weave a sense of intimacy into their chosen genre and help bring in a sense of enormous connection to their art. It’s not enough to have a series of hits. They want to have an identity. Their ultimate goal is to look for ways they can use their music as a source of evolution in their lives and the lives of their many global fans. As their audience grows, they also hope to see continued musical growth and true personal growth.