End Citizens United Notes A Major Wake-up Call Regarding Campaign Finance Rules

End Citizens United is a grassroots organization that is dedicated to ending the controversial Supreme Court decision Citizens United. They realize just how detrimental this decision has been to U.S. politics, and there is one glaring wake-up call they want us all to be aware of.

Recently, former FBI Director Robert Mueller was able to prove conclusively that the Kremlin was indeed involved in posting social media advertisements and spending money in order to influence the United States election. Mueller’s task is to determine if Donald Trump’s election was in any way influenced by the Russians, which is something that is not supposed to be allowed in the United States. Many of the individuals involved with End Citizens United are confident that Mueller and his team will be able to determine the truth on that matter.

What End Citizens United is not so confident about would be the tendency for foreign influence to continue in future congressional, gubernatorial, senatorial and presidential elections. End Citizens United realizes that right-wing candidates have sabotaged our laws regarding campaign finance for a number of years already. Right wingers have a host of pet causes, and they know that they can win elections simply based on the hands of just a few donors. This is obviously a rigged, unfair system.

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Of course, some would probably scoff at the fact that this Russian group only spent 100 grand on Facebook ads for the 2016 election. The problem though is just like a household pest, where one instance is uncovered there are usually thousands more examples under the surface. Indeed, there have been Chinese firms who have tried to influence our politics and billionaires from countries such as (surprise, surprise) Mexico who have tried to do so as well.

About End Citizens United

The main purpose of End Citizens United is to get the big money out of politics. It is in this vein that this grassroots organization remains dedicated to electing Democrats who are committed to campaign finance reform. They have a large social media presence on such sites as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. They are committed to educating the public about the evils of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and how campaign finance reform is sorely needed in this country.

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