Mega-donor Soros Attending This Year’s AD Summit

The Democratic left is licking its wounds after a stunning defeat to Donald Trump. The loss is being felt all across the progressive spectrum of politics. Anger has turned to finger-pointing within the Democratic Party. To calm fears and dispel the anger, the Democracy Alliance is holding a three-day summit to address this historic presidential defeat.

The Democracy Alliance thinks that the Democratic party needs to regroup and retool. Exit polls show that Hillary Clinton lost the white working class vote, and the Democratic Party needs to revamp its message to reach these disenfranchised voters. At least, according to George Soros.

George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund manager and mega-donor to the Democratic Party, started the Democracy Alliance back in 2004 in support of John Kerry’s bid for the Whitehouse against George W Bush. John Kerry lost that election, but George Soros kept the DA alive. Now, the DA is a group of Democratic mega-donors that fuel the political strategies of the left.

The DA is holding a three-day meeting with some of the biggest donors on the left. The summit will also include established Democratic politicians, such as Elizabeth Warren, Keith Ellison, and Nancy Pelosi. The DA and the donors plan to strategize against the authoritarian future presidency of Donald Trump. Plans will be forged at the summit to derail Trump’s agenda for his first 100 days in office. The DA will also help Democrats lay down long-term strategies in opposition to Trump’s four-year term.

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George Soros sees Trump’s presidency as a threat to Obama’s legacy. Trump has publicly stated he will roll back many of Obama’s trademark policies, including health care reform, the Iran deal, and the Paris climate change agreement. The DA hopes to rally the troops on the left to protect these historic milestones of the outgoing President.

The summit looks a little suspicious to some, including a few on the left. Far-left politicians, advocates, and pundits accuse the 100 donors that make up the DA of sitting idly by while the Democratic Party burns. On the outside, this summit can look like a bunch of rich white people getting together, snoozing, and enjoying a meal and a party all while the working class of America suffers under Trump’s regime.

The many critics on the left want to see the Democratic party retooled with the populism so popular amongst young people; a movement spearheaded by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. But the Democratic establishment and spokespeople for the DA reiterate plans keep the status quo on the left. They believe that a new direction is not needed; that the Democratic Party simply needs a charismatic leader to fire is base up.

The DA is the establishment on the left. Each donor that makes up the DA is required to fund approved left-leaning think tanks or advocacy groups at least $200,000 per year. Each member must also pay $30,000 per year in membership fees to fund the staff of the DA and lavish summits like the one taking place this weekend.

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