Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff – The Topsy Turvy World Of Sean Penn

Bob Honey is Sean Penn’s alter ego but is a different version of Penn. The reviewers of Penn’s book, which are highly critical, report that Penn’s point of view is sometimes confusing and incomprehensible. Before one reads or fully understands Penn’s Bob Honey, one should know that Penn is considered a brilliant actor and is well known as a controversial social rebel, which Penn as much admits. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is Penn’s complicated stream of consciousness and is as much about Penn’s life speaking through Bob Honey, who is a Baby Boomer.

Penn’s apparent heroes are Thomas Pynchon and Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson was a counterculture writer who wrote in the first person where the author was the protagonist and was well known for his social criticism and satire. Pynchon is an American novelist and is known as a reclusive celebrity that has written complex profound novels.

Sean Penn has lived dangerously and is fascinated with complex characters. He developed a relationship with El Chapo who is a ruthless Mexican drug lord who is well known for murdering anyone that opposed him. Penn interviewed El Chapo. In Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Penn has an El Chapo character named Fletcher, an assassin, who befriended Bob. Penn also has an affinity towards Hugo Chavez.

Penn made many not so veiled unflattering comments about President Trump without saying the President’s name and refers to the NRA, “alternative facts,” “Russia” and the Republican National Convention. Penn’s political preference is a Democrat and not Republican. Bob raises such controversial issues as the killing of the five police officers in Dallas in which Bob blamed the media for encouraging the murder of police.

While Penn’s views are to the left of Bob, Bob’s views seem to follow an Archie Bunker logic as he expresses his anger about the condition of the world. But Penn’s worldview appears to see-saw since he is the true protagonist and not Bob and Penn may have written an autobiography, while the reviewers do not give Penn any credit for his writing style but mock his style.

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