Customers Power The Rise Of Fabletics

The Fabletics brand is more than just one of the fastest rising Online retail brands in the world as it is also changing the entire face of retailing at a time when Main Street is expected to be shrinking. Fabletics has harnessed the power of customer reviews and the image of its main brand ambassador and founding partner, Kate Hudson to become the main rival to the continued dominance of Amazon as the world’s leading Online retailer; in other areas, Fabletics has continued to push the boundaries of retail with a move towards providing the best options for the use of big data and making the opening of physical locations some of its main aims.


The journey to joining the Fabletics brand begins with the completion of a lifestyle quiz which has become a fun and enjoyable aspect of joining the Fabletics membership group. After completing the lifestyle quiz a new member of Fabletics will be given a range of options of different clothing items to purchase in a fast and easy way.


The customer service and last mile options are among the most important parts of the Fabletics brand which has been improved upon under the influence of Kate Hudson as she looks for new ways of exploring the business she joined upon establishment in 2013. The actress who shot to fame in “Almost Famous” admits she had little business experience when she joined Fabletics but has embarked upon a steep learning curve which has allowed her to become an integral part of the business in terms of quality control, design, and marketing.


The personal journey of Kate Hudson reflects that of the Fabletics brand in many ways because of the issue of overcoming the giant of Online retailing, Amazon. Like many new entrants to Online retailing, Fabletics is looking to take advantage of big data and the power of customer reviews; more than 80 percent of Online shoppers admit they trust customer reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member. The inclusion of customer reviews for individual products and the brand as a whole is not limiting the company to attracting new members but also allows the brand to build higher ranking on global and local Google searches all important to growing a new brand.