Fighting for the Rights of the People

End Citizens United is supporting Conor Lamb. The movement will be donating some funds to support their candidate. The movement had donated $600,000 to Dough Jones when he was vying for the Senate seat. Conor Lamb is vying for Congress as a Democrat to represent the district. The major challenge is that Pennsylvania has more Republicans considering President Trump won by 20 points. Conor is planning to get an unexpected victory despite Republican Party being popular there. End Citizen United was motivated by a practice that emerged during America’s election. In 2010, wealthy people were at liberty to donate and spend their money in campaigning and the elections. This was a liberty that was given by the Supreme Court. The only problem with this provision was that this money was never going to be traceable or accounted.

This loophole caused a lot of trouble because wealthy people began compromising integrity. Through their money, they believed they could influence power to work in their favor. For this reason End of Citizen United had to rise and fight this impunity. Money should not motivate people to exploit and abuse power. The movement is supported by some grassroots donors who came together for a common interest. The goal of this movement is to resume the former methods of financing campaigns and elections.

Make no mistake; such a group is capable of influencing and causing changes. It may be undermined because it looks like a group of ordinary people. People at the grass root level are the real voters. They have the power to make changes and creating reforms. These ordinary citizens have the power to compel lawmakers to make the necessary changes.

According to End Citizen United, it is completely unjust when a few people wealthy people determine the elections. One indicator of true democracy is free and fair elections. When a few people feeling entitled because of their money decide for the nation, it is not free and fair. Millions of average citizen have the capability of defeating a few wealthy people.

This movement was founded by James Bopp. He never pictured himself running a political action committee. He thought he was just going to work in the medical field. He soon switched to law and politics. His law career is about representing conservatism. Apart from End Citizens United, Bopp has also been with Indiana Right to Life and National Right to Life.

End Citizens United is about fairness to all people. The issue of few individuals having dominion over the majority is a long gone practice. People must not just watch when their rights and freedoms are slowly taken away. They must strive and fight for equality because it is their entitlement. James Bopp is a strong believer in this fact, and he is enthusiastic to support it.

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