How Alex Hern Continues to Innovate His Tech Companies

Tech companies have changed our lives when it comes to everything from commerce to social media. And only a rare number of innovators have been able to bring their expertise to more than one major tech company. One of those innovators, Alex Hern, has been a powerful force behind more than a few breakthrough tech companies. Read more about Alex Hern at

For almost three decades, Alex Hern has been the driving force behind a number of companies. Some of the businesses included Inktomi, the search architecture for Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Mr. Hern was also a driving force behind Yesmail, an e-mail marketing company that was eventually sold to CMGI. Today, Alex Hern is the CEO and co-Founder of Tsunami XR.

In a recent interview with Ideamench, Alex Hern talked about his inspiration for his latest company. Mr. Hern mentioned that the tech world has transitioned from a CPU-driven world to the GPU-driven world. And that this disruption has opened up the opportunity for new software, applications and platforms.


When asked about his typical day, Mr. Hern revealed that he spends 4 to 5 hours a day focused on one thing that will advance his company’s mission. Mr. Hern disagrees that multi-tasking will allow someone to get more done. When it comes to production, Mr. Hern believes in having a singular focus to gain better results.

Later in the interview, Mr. Hern was asked about what trends excite him. The Tsunami XR CEO and co-Founder answered that he believes AI and Machine Learning is a great innovation that can have many future applications to his company. As he enters his third decade in tech innovation, Alex Hern is ready to find new breakthroughs and deliver those advancements to the world. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.