Krishen Iyer Explains Why Email Marketing Campaigns Can Be An Effective Tool For Businesses

Everyone nowadays uses email whether for their job, school, or personal use. Studies have concluded that most people enjoy seeing mail in their inbox. Companies can use this to their advantage by engaging in email marketing campaigns. Krishen Iyer is a businessman who can show insurance companies and individual agents how to do so in an effective and eye-catching manner.

He established Managed Benefit Services in Carlsbad, California, which is insurance lead generating service. Krishen Iyer specializes in health and dental insurance leads and also provides consulting services. He can create an effective email marketing campaign for his customers in addition to his other services. He says that a good marketing campaign can even be created in the healthcare industry using digital tools he has built.

In order for the email campaign to be effective, Krishen Iyer says that you need to follow some critical rules. If you follow these rules you can get a high rate of response and pick up new business. He says that his method gets a 65% favorability rating from women over age 65. Most people prefer being communicated to via email instead of through social media.

Krishen Iyer grew up in the state of California and is a 2004 graduate of San Diego State University. He earned a degree in public administration and then entered the insurance industry. He also became involved in real estate and founded Iyer Real Estate Holdings around that same time. His first insurance company was officially called MNP Insurance but it became more broadly known as Name My Premium.

A few years ago he launched a second insurance company named Quick Link Marketing. He soon changed the name to Managed Benefits Services because this name is closer to what he offers his clients. His firm is both a marketing company and a licensed insurance agency.