Mullen Lowe Brasil – A Worldwide Success

Mr Jose Henrique Borghi is a collaborative chief executive officer (CEO) of a successful company called Mullen Lowe Brasil. Mr Jose Henrique Borghi became an integral part of the company in 2006. Ever since he joined Mullen Lowe Brasil, the company has been esteemed as one of the most successful ad agencies in Brazil. The company is proficient at Brazilian advertising and international advertising.

His education, Mr Jose Henrique Borghi received in 1988. He graduated university with a major in Advertisement. After he had graduated, Mr Jose Henrique Borghi started occupying a position at the company called Standard Ogilvy in the same year of 1988. Mr Jose Henrique Borghi has also had a couple of years of experience working as a Talent writer.

Over the course of his highly successful career at the ad agency of Mullen Lowe Brasil, Mr Jose Henrique Borghi has been the winner of a large number of contests and awards. He has been the recipient of awards from the New York festival, Cannes and much more. Mr Jose Henrique Borghi has been recognised at some of the most prestigious advertising events on an international level.

Mr Jose Henrique Borghi has been worked in collaboration with a large number of international brands. He has created advertising for Fiat and Toyota, Samsung and LG, American Expres and America on Line and much more. Click here to know more.

The Ad agency of Mullen Lowe Brasil has its headquarters set up in Sao Paulo. The ad agency also has an office in Rio de Janeiro. The company came to be from the merge of Mullen Lowe and Borghierh Creative Intelligence which is an organisation founded in collaboration with Mr Jose Henrique Borghi.

Mr Jose Henrique Borghi is currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He lives with his family, and his career keeps on thriving.

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