Matt Badiali: Investment Potential In Platinum For 2018

For individuals who are interested in increasing their investment positions within the commodities market, it can be difficult to know where to look for the right information on profitable investment positions. This is made much more simple with the help of Banyan Hill Publishing Company’s leading his neck a resource expert Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali has a unique combination of knowledge and expertise that he has developed over his dual career as a trained scientist and financial industry expert. Read this article at

Matt Badiali originally went to school and received a bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences. He was continuing on the path of higher education and received his Master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University in geology. He was teaching geology classes at the University of North Carolina while pursuing his Ph.D. whenever he was contacted with an offer to join a research team by a member of the finance industry. As part of this team Matt Badiali to be responsible for investigating potential investment opportunities in the natural resource sector.

Matt Badiali was soon traveling the world in search of new investment opportunities by observing firsthand the operation of the various corporations in the mining, energy, and agricultural industries. Today Matt Badiali is a prolific writer for Banyan Hill Publishing Company where he works to inform his readers on new and profitable investment opportunities in the natural resource sectors.


He has recently written about a potential investment opportunity in one of the most popular metals of all time. This metal is not copper, and it is not gold. This metal is platinum. The law of supply and demand dictate the price of just about any stock or commodity, and platinum is subject to these laws. Over the last several years the price of platinum has decreased to nearly 40% of its initial value in 2011. Matt Badiali believes that this trend will reverse in 2018. In 2018 the demand for platinum will increase by around 2% according to analysts. At the same time as this increase in the demand for platinum, surveys indicate that supply will fall by 1% leading to a deficit of around 250,000 ounces of platinum. Normally a deficit such as this would increase the amount of individuals willing to sell platinum however with the price sitting at one of the lowest points in the last several years this most likely will not happen. Matt Badiali expects that you could see platinum prices rise up to 25% over the next year.

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Roberto Santiago Ensuring People Of City Of Joao Pessoa Enjoy Their Time at Manaira Shopping Mall

There are many entrepreneurs in Brazil, but one of the most popular is Roberto Santiago. The achievements of Roberto Santiago in the field of real estate and stock market investments are just tremendous. One of the most critical and famous achievements of Roberto Santiago is the construction of Manaira Shopping Mall in the capital of the state of Paraiba of Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall is the biggest in the city and the state and is visited by thousands of people each day. It has just about everything the people of the city wanted. These days it is crucial for the metropolitan cities to have shopping malls as people need urban places to hang out, shop and eat. Shopping malls are the perfect example of the evolution of the society and are also a kind of community center where people from all backgrounds and ages come to spend some quality times with their loved ones.


Roberto Santiago has years of experience in the real estate industry, and he has used his expertise in the development of the Manaira Shopping Mall. The Mangabeira Shopping Mall was his first venture, and it was hugely appreciated by the people as well as the industry experts for its innovativeness and creativity. The Mangabeira Shopping Mall had the reflection of the Brazilian architecture as well as modern western influence, and the amalgamation is what helped make the mall a complete success among the locals. Roberto Santiago used his expertise in the field and the experience he gathered by developing Mangabeira Shopping Mall to develop Manaira Shopping Mall on even a grander scale.


Roberto Santiago has made no compromises in the development of the Manaira Shopping Mall and has used the best possible raw materials for the construction of the mall to give it that elegant and modern touch. He monitors the maintenance of the Manaira Shopping Mall to ensure that all his effort of developing the world class mall doesn’t go in vain. The Manaira Shopping Mall has a food court that is the place where one can get just about any cuisine they want, whether it is Indian food you are craving or authentic Brazilian food.


The gourmet section of the Manaira Shopping Mall has several restaurants, which includes the Capital Steak House, a restaurant that is known to serve some of the best steaks in the city. It is a restaurant that has won several food awards in the city and in the state and is highly popular among the people in Joao Pessoa. The Manaira Shopping Mall also has movie theatres, shopping center, bank, college, gym, park, food court, kids’ zone, gaming zone, bowling alley, café, snacks center, candy corner, and much more. People can spend hours on end at Manaira Shopping Mall without getting bored.

A Brief of Brazil’s Passionate Real Estate Executive, José Auriemo Neto

After graduating from the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University in Sao Paulo, José Auriemo Neto joined JHSF in 1993. HE is the current CEO of JHSF Par and JHSF Participacoes SA, a residential and commercial property real estate developer in Brazil. Recognizing the growth in Brazil’s current market, he has overseen the company develop brand interests in hotels, and office buildings developments. José Auriemo Neto is the administrator of the group’s retail and shopping department in addition to the Cidade Jardim shopping complex in the city of Säo Paulo, the Manaus’ Ponta Negra shopping Centre and the Bela Vista found in Salvador and more

The upcoming executive developed Parkbem, JHSF’s parking lot management firm service department in 1997, whose success secured his rights to build Shopping Santa Cruz, a JHSF debut shopping destination. His visionary leadership skills were helpful in the initial 2009 retail business that included opening a luxurious brands retail outlet in partnership with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. This was followed in 2012 by the R.E.D. Valentino stores, a collaboration with Valentino.

JHSF Participacoes SA is an innovator of unique and quality sustainable solutions having to be in business for five years and operating internationally in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and in New York and Miami in the US. Under his leadership, the company has embraced and enforced sustainability efforts in all phases of its projects, with Cidade Jardim Corporate Center, one of Brazil’s most significant sustainable project being certified for high-quality environmental conservation. José Auriemo Neto has led JHSF Participacoes SA into partnerships with other entities such as Sustenta Telecom and Sustenta Energia, as a diversification plan.

José Auriemo Neto has served as executive chairman of the group up to 2011, has been a board member of executive officers since 2009, and as the director since 2006. He is a member of the YPO where he served as an executive officer from 2003 to 2005.

Sussex Healthcare

Having somewhere to go when things go wrong is better than nowhere at all.

Sussex health care takes care of those who cannot take care of themselves. They have classes that help the different services that they have. Older care, dementia, and even those who have other disabilities as well. They work with these people to make sure that they keep their skills that they know but that they also make new ones as they are living and being taken care of in the facility. This makes everyone happy. They also get long term one on one classes with the employee. These all make the clients happy in how they do things.


Amanda Morgan is their new CEO and is teaching employees what hard work really looks like. She strives to make sure that they are learning more about leadership roles and how they can be in those leadership roles like she has been. She has worked in the industry for 30 years and understand how this all works. Doing jobs like this one has really taught her how to work in a team like setting so that there is nobody else that can do your job. Amanda believes that employees should be working doing something that they like even though there are times they won’t like what they have to do.

Sussex healthcare has been open for 25 years and have gotten appointed many different things. They are based in England which is where they are but they have amazing rates. They also have amazing reviews that highlight all of the amazing things this healthcare home can do. They like to make sure that these people who are just like us have a life before they die and if that means they live here then they do. They believe as long as they are being taken care of they are doing good. These individuals know how to interact with others who are like them which is useful when they are in a group setting.

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Alex Pall Wants To Be Recognized As A True Artist

Many people who love to write and sing songs also look for ways to connect with others. They want to share what is deep inside of them. This is a common experience for musical artists. Alex Pall is someone who has been part of the music scene for the last several years. During this time, he’s becoming increasingly determined to be seen not only as someone who makes music but also someone who can create art. He and his partner in music Andrew Taggart have taken the world of music by storm and crafted amazing soundscapes that have wide appeal. They are not content to stand still. The duo, known to the world as the Chainsmokers, look for ways to add a human element to all they do. Their goal is to take a form of music that is often seen as deeply impersonal and add a personal element to it. As two of the most recognized names in dance music, they are part of the music scene but also look at it from a different angle entirely.

No Longer Beat Crafters

Unlike some other contemporary artists who often choose to retreat from the public and from their fans, the same cannot be said of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. While they embrace success, they want something more. The duo aims to be seen as people and artists instead of a faceless force grinding out beat after beat. Each time they write a song, they aim to think about ways they can help reveal more of themselves to those who love what they do. They want to weave a sense of intimacy into their chosen genre and help bring in a sense of enormous connection to their art. It’s not enough to have a series of hits. They want to have an identity. Their ultimate goal is to look for ways they can use their music as a source of evolution in their lives and the lives of their many global fans. As their audience grows, they also hope to see continued musical growth and true personal growth.

Slow Aging with Jeunesse

There are only two things in life that are guaranteed: death and taxes. Jeunesse can’t do much about taxes, but they can do a great deal about what’s taxing your body, and there are many variables in this day and age that contribute to accelerated aging. What sets Jeunesse apart from other companies of their ilk is their emphasis on the body’s capability to heal itself with enough time, the right treatment and proper supplementation. Fortunately, there’s no need to resort to harmful and expensive drugs to get there, but a dose of patience and faith are essential to seeing the Youth Enhancement System through to its roots.

Jeunesse was originally fired up back in September 9, 2009 around the symbolic representation of the number 9. Depending on the culture, this number is often associated with a long and healthy life, which is precisely what founders Wendy and Randy were aiming for when this company was formed. Since then, it’s joined the ranks of the quickest growing sellers in their field, and their incredible following speaks volumes of their success. With the bleeding edge of R&D on their side and a host of proprietary health formulas that are proven to work, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with this company.

The Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse’s brainchild boils down into nine lines of wellness products that are designed in a step-by-step strategic approach to common age-related breakdown in specific areas of the body. These areas include the brain, organs, cells and skin, and the benefits are many. Consider the following:

  • Enough energy to pump through the day without a sweat
  • Restorative sleep to separate the long days of work
  • Focused willpower to keep you sharp on the task at hand
  • Fitness solutions that promote physical efficacy
  • Smooth, glowing skin that’s free of blemishes or signs of toxin backup

The reason the Youth Enhancement System works so well is because Jeunesse emphasizes that aging is accelerated by failing to provide the body with the resources that it needs to maintain itself. With their bevy of natural solutions for people of all ages, you can realize the depth of your potential and protect your well-being.

The Fagali’I Airport – Bring The Kids Along On Your Trip To Apia

Do you have a liking for surfing, scuba diving, rock sliding, and other exciting water activities? Every season of the year, Apia is a booming market for vacationers to enjoy fun under the sun. Weather averages 85 degrees all year long, so winter time is a perfect time to come on in to Apia and enjoy some good al’ Samoan fun! The family will absolutely love the exciting outcomes of visiting this destination.

The kids seem to always get a kick out of visiting a place that is warm in the winter time. As most of the world’s weather is usually cold during winter months, a place like Apia can give the kids a new experience that they’ve never had before according to Not only is the warm weather a bonus for the kids, but how well received they are to the Samoan community.

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The Samoan culture is known for its unique style of dancing, craft making and foods. What better fun is it for the Samoan kids of Apia to dance, sing and celebrate with your little ones. Definitely a picture worth a thousand and one words. Rock sliding is another fun activity for the kids according to The list goes on, but you are probably aware of the many exciting activities to enjoy, as Apia is the highest rated vacationing spots where kids have the most fun. Below is a list of some of the most exciting activities for kids to enjoy in Apia and surrounding territories, just incase you don’t know:

* Scuba Diving
* Rock Sliding
* Snorkelling and Picnicking in a Cave Pool
* Lalomanu Crater Walk where Flying Foxes Lives
* Touring the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum
* Watching traditional Samoan Dancing
* Watching Samoan Cricket
* Shopping for unique Samoan toys
…the list goes on.
Kids love it here and so will you!

Fly on in to the Fagali’I Airport. You will have the pleasures of a friendly customer service staff. And, if you are in need of currency exchange services, a market is available to convert your country’s currency into crisp clean Samoan Tala bills. Just ask a representative to point you in the right direction. Samoan Tala is the official currency of Apia.

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Susan McGalla Tells Get Balance Magazine That You Don’t Have To Quit Your Career When You Become A Mother

For women in the workforce, becoming a mother while in the middle of your career can bring a lot of new challenges and if you’re a single mother, those challenges are even greater. But it’s not impossible to lead both lives, and business leader and mother Susan McGalla does both very well. She wrote an article for Getting Balance magazine in which she explained how she was able to do it.

The first thing McGalla recommends you do is find the time whenever possible to get rest. That could mean an afternoon nap, time at the spa to get a massage or something to take your mind off of the stresses of work and family life. She also said you shouldn’t fill your life with too many activities that are pointless and won’t help you out, and that means sometimes you need to politely avoid neighbors or extended family during down time. McGalla also recommends time for activities like working out aerobically or in the gym so that you can stay in shape and ready to handle the heavy lifting of a mother. One other thing she recommends is having a little time once in a while where technology is turned off so you can free your mind and come back refreshed.

Susan McGalla’s career has been successful in marketing and brand management for various companies in Pittsburgh. She received her bachelor’s degree from Mount Union College and spent nearly 10 years at the Joseph Horne Company. McGalla then became charged with replenishing merchandise at American Eagle Outfitters where she managed regional stores for the first several years, and then she joined the corporate division in marketing and merchandise management. She would be promoted to the executive committee as chief merchandising officer in 2006, and one year later she was made president of American Eagle. McGalla oversaw the opening of Aerie and 77kids during her time at the company.

Susan McGalla went from American Eagle to the Board of Directors at HFF, Inc., a Pittsburgh real estate firm. She also served as a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh’s medical research center and was an advisor to the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. McGalla currently brings out new fan merchandise and memorabilia promotions as Vice President of Business and Creative Strategy of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she sometimes offers advice to up and coming executives through a small consulting firm she runs.

Ways the US Money Reserve Helps Clients Understand All Their Options

Since the beginning, the US Reserve has made sure they’re helping all their clients. They know what clients want and they’ll do what they can to get them all the help they need. They also always give people the things that will allow them to make the right decisions for their coin investing.

It goes back to the hard work they put into different situations and gives them the chance they need to be successful with their investments. Since the US Money Reserve knows how to find the best coins for their clients, they’re always confident with the skills they have.

Depending on the opportunities people take with the US Money Reserve, they can get better coins than anywhere else. In fact, the company has spent a lot of time trying to show people how they can make the right choices. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

For the US Money Reserve, the idea is to always give their clients what they’re looking for. It doesn’t matter that they have to try things on their own or that they might lose out on some of the profits they could be making. The only thing that matters to the US Reserve is serving their clients.

There are times when people might look for a specific coin. They may not be able to find it anywhere but the US Money Reserve.

The company has spent a long time trying to find coins for customers and they know it’s worth it. When the can provide a coin that no other company can, the US Money Reserve knows they’ve done their job the right way.

They plan to always give back to the people they’re helping and that’s the point they make. As long as they can show people how they’re helping, they know there is a chance they can keep doing good for all their clients.

As long as there are things that people need, the US Money Reserve will work for them. They don’t slack when it comes to client requests. They also try to show clients they have a chance at getting coins no other company can find.

Since the US Reserve has been around for so long, they have a lot of connections in the industry. They often use these connections to give them a chance to grow their business while helping customers. It gives them the ability to help customers get more from the coin collecting business.

The Oxford Club, Affluence And Esteem

The Oxford Club is an investment and business group dedicated to the well being and financial education of the individual investor. These people organize elaborate sectors to help people and their community to achieve financial wealth and the ability to keep the money that they net. Their investigations into what a profitable investment is which will prove both lucrative and low risk is renown to their services to their members, which is now climbing at a strikingly high eighty thousand people so far.

This entity that is the educational arm of the Oxford Club is called Investment U, as it is a branch of the organization which supplements peoples awareness of hand-picked quality investment opportunities.

As a whole, The Oxford Club goes across the board when looked at with an investors point of view. They cover bonds, stocks, portfolios, commodities, options, real estate, precious metals, and all other things affiliated with the broad scope in which the capitalistic world is made up of as of today. The core belief of The Oxford Club is that the best opportunities are not discussed at Wall Street but within the disclosures and commemoration of the rich and wealthy.

The Oxford Club offers three distinct memberships to the parties involved, as well as qualities and incentives to entice just about anyone to climb up to ranks of a more prolific society. The basic membership holds the ground level essentials along with many standard positive benefits The Oxford Club is known for. The second level status not only gives to the members associated with the group directly, but it also sprinkles down to the next era of the affiliates offspring as well so that they receive the same augmentations as their predecessors.

The final state of association is with the Chairmans Circle Membership. This gives permission for the user to access an exclusive area of the web-based program to reserve information solely curtailed to their percentile.

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