Sussex Healthcare

Having somewhere to go when things go wrong is better than nowhere at all.

Sussex health care takes care of those who cannot take care of themselves. They have classes that help the different services that they have. Older care, dementia, and even those who have other disabilities as well. They work with these people to make sure that they keep their skills that they know but that they also make new ones as they are living and being taken care of in the facility. This makes everyone happy. They also get long term one on one classes with the employee. These all make the clients happy in how they do things.


Amanda Morgan is their new CEO and is teaching employees what hard work really looks like. She strives to make sure that they are learning more about leadership roles and how they can be in those leadership roles like she has been. She has worked in the industry for 30 years and understand how this all works. Doing jobs like this one has really taught her how to work in a team like setting so that there is nobody else that can do your job. Amanda believes that employees should be working doing something that they like even though there are times they won’t like what they have to do.

Sussex healthcare has been open for 25 years and have gotten appointed many different things. They are based in England which is where they are but they have amazing rates. They also have amazing reviews that highlight all of the amazing things this healthcare home can do. They like to make sure that these people who are just like us have a life before they die and if that means they live here then they do. They believe as long as they are being taken care of they are doing good. These individuals know how to interact with others who are like them which is useful when they are in a group setting.

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