The Best Homecare Provider, Sussex Healthcare Company

The first Sussex Healthcare Company was established in 1985. It has been in operation for more than 20 years. Sussex has offered homecare to the elderly people in the society and other disadvantaged people who need specialized attention. Sussex operation area is at the Southern Coast of England. Sussex Healthcare Company has succeeded in the provision of home care services since its inception by two great men, Shiraz Boghani, an experienced hotelier manager and Shafik Sachedina, an experienced dental Surgeon. Sussex primary role is to help people live an enjoyable life with good emotional, physical, social and spiritual care. It makes available meals, excellent accommodation and personalized care to residents. Visit CV Library to know more.

Moreover, Sussex offers a short-time care to some of their residents to allow them to have time to have a break from the responsibilities of their families. Apart from giving home care to the old, the Sussex Healthcare has specialists who deal in the provision of care to people critical condition. These specialists acquire their training at Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care and deal in such conditions as dementia, neurological injury, and profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Its experienced staff and care team are trained and committed to taking care of the Sussex residents. Sussex is dedicated to providing a good working environment for its employees. Sussex Company also has an academy at their head office that offers training opportunities to the employees who need to further their studies. Its purposes are to train its staffs so that they can provide the highest quality of care and support to their residents. Visit the website to learn more.

Apart from their experienced staff management, they have a great team of policy advisers led by Nick Bosanquet, Emeritus Professor of Health Policy and Peter Catchpole, and a long-time healthcare consultant. They advised Sussex Healthcare accordingly and had resulted in the production of the best services across the United Kingdom.

Other than the provision of healthcare Sussex Healthcare believes that offering of recreational and leisure accomplishments are more than important in making the well-being of an individual. They have exciting gardens, swimming pools, and gyms with the training specialist.